Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yes, this is how I feel some days, but that is for another blog post!  I need to talk about my love for distressed plants.

It is a really good time of year to shop on the “distressed” racks at your Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.  I shop the distressed racks all season long and this is how I have acquired most of my perennials for filling up my berms (on the cheap).  My mom always taught me that if there is still some green on the plant, it still has life in it.  This has definitely held true for me.  

So many plants I have bought this year don’t even look distressed as evidenced by these I purchased at Walmart…a fraction of the cost and in good shape!


I will have to wait until next year to really see them at their full potential, but it is worth it for me because landscaping is expensive!


If you are going to buy distressed, get them in the ground right away, water often, and cut back all the dead stuff.

I bought all of these recently for 75% off and saved so much money.  I cut the dead stuff off and now you would never know they ever looked this bad!


The point of all of this…don’t overlook the distressed…save yourself some money!  Happy planting! :)

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