Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten on Ten-May 2012

I originally found out about the idea of taking 10 pictures on the 10th of the month to capture life’s beauty in the day to day via The Larson Lingo.  I thought this was a fun idea and gave it a try!  I was then directed to A Bit of Sunshine, the original inspiration, where I will be linking this up!

ten on ten button

Apologies for the grainy Blackberry pictures!

How I start every day…


Off to the gym…Cardio Kick Boxing kicked my butt!


A trip to Tar-jay!


Enjoying the view while making PB&J…


Drew was up most of the night last night with leg cramps and/or severe growing pains, so I miraculously had two children napping at the same time this afternoon.  This hasn’t happened in months.  This is picture worthy! 



Off to Starbucks for half-priced Frappuccinos during happy hour (through May 13th)! 


Dinner in the oven…


“Story Corner” before bed…


Going to bed early with “The Happiness Project”.


I hope you will join for “10 on 10” in June!


  1. Yeah! So glad you did 10 on 10! Isn't it fun? And, LOVE starbucks happy hour...we have already gone 3 times this week :)
    p.s. I think you asked where i got the stones in our backyard. We got them at a masonry supply store (it is a place that only sells rocks/stones)

  2. Great set! Your kids are so cute. And I've seen/heard a lot about the Happiness Project--would you recommend it?

  3. happiness project...worth reading? I have seen other friends reading it and am intrigued.

  4. Kiki & OSL-Happiness Project is a good read. I thought her personal experience and happiness research was interesting and in many ways, very relatable. I would recommend!


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