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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Tale of Two Chairs

I purchased two of these chairs off Craigslist several years ago when we lived in the Columbia, SC area.  A local restaurant was selling several of these, so I thought they would be a nice add to our home, as well as a keepsake from our time spent in SC (our longest stint so far at 3 years). 


Each chair cost $25.  The base is white (very beat up), and grey leather upholstery.  They are sturdy and in great shape overall.

In this new house, I decided I want to add them to our seating area in the great room with a little table in the middle.  I also decided I wanted to repaint and recover them and make them look shiny and new!  I knew professionally upholstering them would be expensive, so I did some research and have made the decision to tackle them myself.  Scary!


I quickly learned why this is a difficult job.  Removing all the staples was a tedious job and I had a blisters for a long time!

Layer one of the staples is this cardboard trim.


Layer two is the fabric.


Layer three is this black piece of mesh that was on the back of the chair. 


Staples, staples, and more staples…on the arms, backs, and seats of two chairs…


All pieces have been removed and the pads underneath seem to be reusable.  I have saved everything, so I can use the old fabric as my template when cutting the new fabric.


The first part of this tale is over!  Next on the list is cleaning up the base and painting.  I think I am going to try Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel to give it a nice hard and shiny coating.  I think I will go white. 


As soon as I have some time to tackle this part of the tale, I will post about it.  For now, the chairs are sitting pretty in my garage begging for some TLC!

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  1. Oh boy, I can't wait to see the finished redo. These are fabulous chairs. Following you now (so I can come back and see those chairs!). Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage.