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Friday, May 25, 2012

Recent Happenings

Steve has the day off today (woo hoo for 4-day weekends), and we were startled at 6am to the sound of hail beating against our windows.  We need the rain, but what we are getting right now is just crazy! 

I will tell you two things that DO NOT go together…spring in Kansas and an almost 5 year old who is terrified of rain, storms, tornados, etc.  We had tornado sirens go off a few weeks ago and Drew wanted to stay in the basement all night long.  We did get some pictures of a funnel that looked like it wanted to form…it never amounted to anything.


Two other things that do not go together…spring in Kansas and a non-working sump pump!  During a recent storm, Steve just happened to take a peek in our basement and discovered the sump pump had stopped working and the water was quickly filling up.  As you can see in the picture, large amounts of dirt had built up around the pump causing it to quit working.  After working for three hours, Steve and a neighbor cleaned out the muck and we are in business again!  Gross!


In case you were wondering, Kate’s recital was just so cute.  She came out on stage and did the moves, but did not smile once.  I think she was a bit overwhelmed by it all.  I am so happy she just got out there, and overall it was a success!  The Dad’s Dance was hilarious and they actually did really well!  Steve definitely impressed with his timing and moves!



Drew’s first t-ball game was also a success.  He got to play “catcher” one inning and he told me that was his favorite part.  I just can’t get over the cuteness of the uniforms and the KC hats.  I played competitive softball my entire childhood through high school, so seeing Drew on the ball diamond with his little glove is so fun for me.  I secretly hope this will be his sport since I actually know a thing or two!



Because Drew has a late August birthday and only makes the kindergarten cut-off in KS by 8 days, we have decided to make him old for his grade.  So technically he “graduated” from 4 year old preschool, but he will be back next year to go to Pre-K (a separate class for those summer birthdays).  Drew had the best teachers this year! 

It is hard for me to believe it is almost June, but we are looking forward to having a lazy summer and exploring fun things to do in our new city!



Speaking of things to do in KC, we finally got a chance to eat at the original Oklahoma Joe’s.  It lived up to the hype and the atmosphere is so fun!  I am not a huge BBQ fan, but when in Rome…


Okay, was that enough randomness for you??  This weekend will consist of a little pool time (supposed to be record highs in the 90’s here), a little grilling out with neighbors, and a to-do list that currently has 16 items on it.  Steve is not so excited about that to-do list. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. glad you got your sump pump working...unfortunately I know all about sump pump failure!!!
    I also wrote a post about Aug birthdays...I have 8 different babies in 8 different months...we sent our Aug birthday son..he is now the youngest kid at his college!!