Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recent Happenings

The weekend seems like a good time to catch up on some recent happenings…to keep the grandparents happy and all…  :)

We tried skating again!


Drew had a sweet preschool musical.


We went to our first Royals game with our neighbors, complete with a “Fun Run” around the bases after the game. 



Garage has been somewhat organized and Steve hung all of our old plates…


We checked out Deanna Rose Farmstead (free M-Th to all you KC folks).  It was a cold day, but the kids loved it and are still talking about it. 


Don’t forget all the usual boring stuff…


My self-declared “princess” seems to be turning into a tomboy with every passing day!  Our neighborhood is filled with boys and she is learning how to keep up!


Happy weekend, friends!

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