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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dining Room Progress

In three previous homes, we always had a formal dining room space.  However, in our first house, the dining room was the “dog room”, in the second house (where are kids were born and learned to crawl, walk) the dining room was the “kid room”, and in our last house the dining room was the “storage room”.

In this house, I have claimed the entire first floor as adult living space and the dining room is getting done!  First up, the table.  We had been on the hunt.  So much pressure to get it right with a dining table/chairs.  It has taken me ten years to get a dining room and I will probably have the table/chairs for at least another ten (and I am not good with making quick decisions).  I knew right away that I did not want the table and chairs to match, as in no “sets”.  I wanted eclectic, yet classic.

Then, a few months ago my mom calls from West Elm in Chicago and says there is a great deal on a table that they are discontinuing.  After about 5 minutes of deliberation and going to view the table online, I had her snatch it up.  A matte black dining table that seats 8 for $125.00!!!!  I love the table and how can you beat the price?


A huge thank you to my parents for finding it, picking it up, hauling it to my sister’s house in Iowa to meet, and loading it in my car to drive back to KC.  It was all worth it for the amazing price tag!  After sitting alone in our dining room, we have finally ordered chairs for the table and purchased lighting (more to come on those).

A a reference, the dining room is to the right when you walk in the front door.  It has dark hardwoods, smokey blue/grey walls, and lots of trim around the windows. 


Still on the list of “to-do’s” (these lists never seem to end in my world):
1.  order a rug
2.  install light fixture
3.  find a large piece for the niche
4.  curtain panels
5.  style the table top

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