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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Washer & Dryer

We just moved into a new house a few months ago, so I don’t have a lot of spring cleaning for the actual house (although we were told that we will probably have a large amount of dust for the next few YEARS because of new construction).  We have organized the garage and I intend to tackle a few additional projects.  On the list was to clean the washer and dryer inside and out.  I love to do laundry.  Okay, love is a strong word, but laundry is probably my favorite “chore” that I tackle during the week.  I don’t have a schedule and I don’t do it all in one day.  A load here, a load there, and everyone has what they need.

We have had our washer and dryer for several years and never had an issue (I am sure it will shut down on me today after writing this).  They work fine, although probably not as energy efficient as I would like.  The washer is also getting a little loud.  Maybe we will replace in a year or so, but until then, “if it ain’t broke…”

I am embarrassed to say I haven’t really cleaned this puppy out in a while.  We have two animals and two toddlers and this thing gets dirty (even though it is supposed to be cleaning things, right)?!  Glad I tackled this project and it didn’t take long!

Some nasty before pictures-full exposure here because we are all friends!




A little elbow grease and shoving my hand in a few nooks and crannies, and they are shiny and bright!




This is such a simple task.  Why does it seem so hard to get to everything?!  Oh, I know…life gets in the way and keeping up with the day to day stuff makes me forget about the grossness that was invading my washer and dryer.  Thank goodness it’s gone!  What are you cleaning up?  I love a good tip, so please share!


  1. Nice! What did you use to clean it? I think about cleaning mine every time I go to wash a load and then it's too late!

  2. Great idea and I too need to do this chore but never, ever get around to it. What did you use?