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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning-Guest Bedroom Closet

We have a 5th bedroom on the first floor that we use as a guest bedroom/den.  The fourth bedroom upstairs (in case you were wondering) is our toy room.  We have an unfinished basement and no bonus room, so the 5th bedroom was critical because of the all the guests we house.  The toy room has gotten a little TLC, but more to come on that…

Anyway, the guest bedroom is right behind the kitchen, off the mudroom.  I use the large closet in the bedroom to store photo albums, extra blankets, files, and most importantly, craft stuff for the kids.  Being a stay at home mom of two toddlers requires daily reinforcements!!!!

This is why this closet needed attention…I was having a hard time getting inside!


Stuff went to the basement, things were thrown out, and bins are a girl’s best friend.

I put all cards in one bin and all tissue paper, gift bags in another bin. 













These, along with all wrapping paper, go up high as they are used sparingly.


When we first moved to this house, I purchased several storage bins at the Dollar Tree to corral all loose items.  One for old magazines that I keep to practice cut and paste as well as paper scraps that the kids draw/write on.


One bin to store random activities such as felt pizza, stickers, flash cards, Brain Quest, etc.


This 3-drawer bin stores some of my craft items.  All markers, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and paints are stored in the wooden organizer and sight words have their own bin.


Coloring books, work books, crayons, Play-Doh, and stamps all get their own bins.














Finally, we’re getting there!



I keep everything at floor level so the kids can be responsible for getting what they need and returning it to the right place.  No excuses for boredom allowed!!!  :)

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