Life Love Larson: Neighborly


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Don’t you just love great neighbors?  I like having them and I like being one.  We have had four homes in four different states in the last seven years.  We have been fortunate to have wonderful neighbors along every stop and I intend to keep those relationships going at our new home. 

We live in a neighborhood that is under a lot of construction and our street is quickly filling in!  A couple recently moved in across the street and I wanted to take them something homemade.

I turned to my trusty chalkboard paint, a love for house plants, and an urge to bake and I quickly (and inexpensively) had a homemade “welcome to the neighborhood” gift!













I knew the couple just moved from out of state (and movers don’t take house plants), so I wanted to give them a little something green.  I also tried the trick of weaving a ribbon through a paper plate to make it more decorative! 

Go do something neighborly.  You might need to borrow some eggs for your next batch of cookies!!  :)

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