Friday, April 13, 2012

$5 Side Table

I found this cute little table at Goodwill a long time ago for $5.  It made the trek with us from TX to KS (my husband probably tried to throw it out several times, but it survived!) and I finally got a chance to give it a little TLC.

It is a very small, half-moon shaped table with sweet lines.  I tightened the screws, cleaned it up, spray primed it, and painted 3 coats of the most amazing shade of blue/green/turquoise that I already had on hand.


It is so small that is it not very functional, so I placed it in my kitchen/open area, next to a large built-in hutch and underneath the large framed pictures of my kids (which I need to update, by the way).


The pot is from TJ Maxx (3.99) and the bowl is also from TJ’s (a little gift from my sister).


Before shot:




I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing old furniture come to life with a little paint!!

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  1. I love the color and the $ totally scored! Turned out great!

  2. What a score! It looks great in that little spot.

    (Stopping by from Not Just A Housewife)

  3. Looks adorable! Stopping by from Somewhat Simple! Great job :)

  4. Super cute. Great pop of color. I actually have the same blue pot from TJ Maxx as well.


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