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Friday, March 9, 2012

Thinking Pink

I have been feeling less than 100% over the past few days.  Should have gotten that flu shot I put off every year…

Anyway, while on the subject of Kate’s room (her room is my very favorite to decorate), I decided to paint her headboard.  Her walls are a very light grey/blue and I am incorporating pink in some of the accents.  She loves pink, I love pink, everyone wins. 

Cue the hundreds of pink paint chips I have been mulling over…


This was the winner…a very vibrant salmon pink.  And this week, I did what every normal girl does when her husband is out of town for the night…paint furniture!


I will post pictures of the headboard and reveal the paint color next week when I get back to normal!  All this talk of pink makes we want very pale pink somewhere in my house. 

I wish I had 10 houses to decorate!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I got the comment on my blog & it's unbelievable what you said about your daughter's room! Can't wait to see it!