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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Happenings

LONG POST ALERT…but I need to get caught up!

I am back from having strep and my computer charger arrived!  I think my body was telling me it was time to slow down.  I am not a “sitter”, so laying in bed all day is not my idea of fun.  I watched reruns of Friends and my hubby entertained the kids and worked simultaneously.  At one point I witnessed he was on a conference call and overseeing finger paints for the kids.  He also took care of me…who knew he even knew how to make hot tea or where to find it in the pantry?  I got one of the good ones!! :)


Drew had surgery to remove an ear tube yesterday morning.  His surgery was at 7:30am and by 9am he was ready to play soccer and run around.  He woke up smiling and is doing great.


They even let “Stinky” have a hospital bracelet!


We also recently had a fun visitor…the Best Man in our wedding and one of Steve’s best friends came for a weekend visit…my kids adore him…


Drew started soccer recently…it is more of a skills camp…he loves anything to do with sports and the we have some amazing turf fields where we live.  Why does he look like he is 10 years old in the picture??  Noooooooooooooo! :)


We have officially become “Kansans”…


We have also been dancing.  This girl lives for her tap/ballet class.  Her recital is in a few months and I can only think back to when I was a little girl in a hula skirt sobbing my eyes out because I didn’t want to perform”.  Let’s hope she does not take after me!!


“Graduating” from gymnastics…


Checking out “Kaleidoscope” at Crown Center with our special visitors, Grandma and Papa Larson.  A great FREE activity if you live in this area or ever come to visit.












Hanging with Uncle Kyle, who visited us recently (and yes, he looks like an exact younger version of Steve!)…


Celebrating a long weekend with our cousins…





Loving that our yard is getting so green!  See that covered patio there in the picture?  Sprucing it up is on my long list of to-do’s!


I am more aware than ever that I need to soak up every single second with these three people because every day seems to be passing more quickly than the last.  I wish I could bottle ages 3 and 4.  Love.


Looking forward to a weekend at home-hopefully cleaning and organizing the third car garage that currently looks like an episode of Hoarders!  Happy spring cleaning!

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