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Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Silhouette Plates

I have had these plates done for several months and never blogged about them.  I recently hung them in Kate’s room and am finally getting around to sharing!
I had a large wall to fill in Kate’s old room (the pink walls) and wanted something that would make a statement but wouldn’t cost a lot of money.  And, I like for every room to have handmade touches.  These same plates worked perfectly in her new room (blue/grey walls).
White plates (any size you desire) (I purchased all of mine for less than $1 each at thrift stores)
Scrapbook paper (or wall paper or gift wrap, etc)
Black cardstock
Mod Podge
Plate Hangers
Simply cut your scrapbook paper to fit the inside of the plate.  Apply a thin layer of MP to the plate and adhere the paper.  Wait for this to dry before adding another coat of MP over the top of the paper.  It is important to let dry or you will have bumps!
Next, head to your computer and find whatever silhouette images you are looking for.  In our case, I chose a bird, a girl swinging, a bunny (our daughter’s nickname), a butterfly, and a ballerina.  Print the image out on plain white paper and cut out the image.  Here is a photo of the bunny cut from regular old printer paper.
You will then want to trace this image onto black cardstock using a white crayon or chalk or whatever you have on hand to trace.  I chose to trace my images onto the cardstock reversed so the front side would not have any marks.  Then cut out the image from the cardstock.  The silhouette process is a little tedious, but don’t be scared off!  This swinging girl and the ballerina had more details so they took a little more time.  The bunny was pretty straight forward.
Once your scrapbook paper has dried, you can adhere the silhouette with a layer a MP as well.  That’s it, you’re done!
Now, let’s hang these on the wall.  I purchased these plate hangers at Hobby Lobby, but have also seen them at Walmart and other retail stores.  They run about $1-$3 depending on what size you need.  I needed four of the 8”-11”, and one of the smaller version (the bird plate is smaller).
You simply hammer a nail in the spot you want to hang the plate, insert the plate into the holder, and set on the nail.  Super easy!  I wanted a bit of a random look and put them on a small wall next to her closet doors.
I think these are fun and whimsical for a little girl’s room.  They are personalized and add a bit of character to the space.  Who doesn’t love a silhouette?  The possibilities of different color/silhouette combinations are endless!
You can check out the original inspiration via this blog post from Danielle Oakey Interiors.


  1. What a darling idea! They turned out so pretty. Thanks for sharing the how tos. :-) Peggy

  2. What a fantastic tutorial! They look just beautiful. Your newest follower via the Six Sisters link party. Megan

  3. These are just the cutest! I was just about to leave the Not Just A Housewife Party and these caught my eye! I love them! Nice Job! Happily following you via GFC.

  4. Very cute idea.. Love the silhouette.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party!