Life Love Larson: Twelve Months of Giving Back: February


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twelve Months of Giving Back: February

Random Act of Kindness week was earlier in February and while we didn’t get to do much that week because we had company, we did do some random acts this week.  Drew and Kate participated too!  This makes my heart happy.

Act #1:  Pick up trash in the neighborhood. 

We have lots of new construction going on in our neighborhood which means there is a lot of trash and debris left behind.  We walked one large block in our neighborhood and picked up three bags of trash!


They would get so excited to see trash and put it in their bags.  Drew kept telling me that people who litter are not doing a good thing.  I think I need to do this with them every week!



Act #2:  Donate old eye glasses to The Lion’s Club via our public library. 

I found two old pair of my glasses when we moved.  Not sure why I have held on to them.  It was pretty funny to try them on and see how times have changed!


Drew was asking many questions about why we would donate old eyeglasses.  I know this was an excellent lesson for them.


Act #3:  Donate items to Goodwill.

This is not so random as we do this often, but it always provides a great lesson.  I like to thrift, so they are familiar with how the whole “one mans trash…” thing works. :)


Act #4:  Leave dollar bills hidden in toys at Dollar Tree where kids will find them.

This was so fun.  D and K loved this.  They kept asking if they could go back and see if someone had found their dollar yet!













Act #5:  Write a nice note to a friend.

We have a good family friend who has helped us transition to KC.  She has lived here for years and she has been invaluable with providing doctors, babysitters, friends, restaurant recommendations, friendship, etc.  My kids adore her, we are so grateful for her, and thought it would be nice to mail her a large thank you card!   Thank you, Allison!



We also:

Returned stray carts to cart returns
Smiled at people
Waved at neighbors walking and driving by
Held the door for people going in and out of stores
Told people how cute their babies were :)
Gave compliments
Discussed how important it is to be kind to everyone, all the time

And we learned that when you do good, you feel good…


Here’s looking forward to March!!


  1. I love my card! Made my day! Thank you so much!

  2. What good your teaching your children. Really admire that! Thanks for sharing.