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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Styling Bookshelves is Hard!

Steve and I have spent the better half of this weekend trying to style the bookshelves in our new house.  Yes, I said Steve and I (he is a good husband :).  They are a main focal point in the family room (with 6 shelves on either side).  We were so excited to find a new home with great built-ins.  Here is a glimpse of them on move-in day.  Little did we know they would be so hard to style…


My sister and I tried to tackle these shelves last weekend when she came for a visit.  I unpacked all my “trinkets” and books and referenced my “bookshelf” board on Pinterest. and we got to work. I wanted to try to use most of what I already had.  We made some headway, but so many shelves still didn’t seem right.


My parents were just here for a visit too, so after my sister left, my mom and I tried to tackle the bookshelves.  Some shelves felt right and others were terribly wrong.  They left and we were still without completed bookshelves (knowing me these will never be “done”, but always in transition!). 

Steve and I finally decided that we need more books.  Several more books. 

Cue the trip to Goodwill at 6:30pm last night with the whole family picking out half priced books with good hard covers.


After another trip this morning to get more books, we are finally on our way to styled bookshelves.  More to come on that, so stay tuned!!!

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