Life Love Larson: Cheers


Friday, February 24, 2012


Cheers to the weekend!


I have to give these two credit for bearing with me through several trips to Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, Lowes, etc, over the last few months.  Not to mention their patience during all the unpacking and organizing during this move.

They have quickly made new friends and have transitioned brilliantly.  Three states in three years, these two are already professionals! 

At times, I have seemed so overwhelmed by moving and remaking a home over and over again, but they remind me why I love to be home.  DIYing projects for their rooms, cooking/baking for them, homemade this and that, trying to make every house as warm and inviting as possible (I also get invited to tea parties, which is an added bonus :).  Even if it seems like a lot sometimes, I know they will appreciate all of it one day (I hope)!

Until then, I hope they continue to be happy and carefree and lovin’ life! 



Off to Lowe’s again (sighs from the little ones)!  The trim around my large chalkboard is getting a quick paint makeover. The current white paint has been underwhelming me and it must be changed!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Loved the post.. Im new to reading your blog and I really like it.. Your children are beautiful and I can tell you from experience, they will remember how you always made no matter where you lived comfortable and a 'home'.. I moved a lot as a kid too and my mom was the same way. No matter where we lived it was always home because of her special touches.. You only have to wait until your kids are about 25 until they get it.. LOL!..
    Robyn :)

  2. Robyn,
    You are so sweet. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your nice words. Take care!