Monday, January 2, 2012

Dog Booties

Dilemma:  A Great Dane with huge paws/nails and brand new rustic maple hardwoods meeting for the first time next week.  EEEEEK!  I can already see the scratches…

Solutions:  1. Soft Paws (glue on nail protectors)-too fussy and expensive over time
                  2. Never let the dog on the first floor- impossible
                  3. Leave the dog outside – Hahahahaha, that’s funny
                  4. Get rid of the dog – NEVER
                  5. Dog Booties- YES

So, I just ordered our big guy an XL set of four of these…303D_LPC[1]


Samson also has arthritis in one of his hind legs, so these will help with traction on the hardwoods. 
More to come on how they work out, but hopefully they do the trick.  They can be worn inside and out, and have traction pads on the bottom.  Guess what lucky person is home all day and gets to wrestle with a dog her own size to get these suckers on?  Yep, yours truly!  :)


  1. Just saw this post through the linked within tabs on the bottom of today's post, and I have to ask how they worked out. We adopted a retired racing greyhound in January. While he's a love, he's completely neurotic about walking on our tile and hardwoods. I don't want to enable him too much, but more floors are taking a major beating when he freaks out!

  2. I mean my floors are taking a major beating, not more!


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