Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toddler Paint Activity

I found this simple and cute idea via Pinterest.  We were just hanging out in our pj's yesterday morning, so we decided to give this paint project a try!  Our letters did not turn out quite so pronounced, but you get the idea!

I used white cardstock, painters tape, and water colors.

Spell out letter or word with painters tape.  K was much easier than D :).

Paint away!

Remove the painters tape and reveal your letter!

Then, of course, Drew decided that the painters tape looked like a lot of fun to play with, so he used it to make a "finish line".  They had fun taping it up and running through it.

Who knew tape could be so much fun??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burlap BOO & Mantle

I recently made a burlap BOO! sign to sell in the store.  I like the look of it leaned on a shelf or mantle.  I love the simplicity and people can't seem to get enough of burlap these days!

I found four pieces of mdf at Goodwill for .99 (for all four pieces).  They were the same size, and I had a bunch of burlap laying around, so I got to work. 

First, I printed out BOO! on Word.  I decied to just lay the paper underneath the burlap so the letter would show through.  I used acrylic craft paint and simple traced the outline of the letter and filled it in.

I let each letter dry and then hot glued the burlap to the back of the mdf.


Super simple, inexpensive, and it makes a statement!  The possibilities are endless with the letters or words you could use!

I was thinking that I should have kept it for my own home, but it sold at the store, so I decided to make my own.  This time I used black burlap and white paint. I used chalk to outline the letters this time. 

More pics and info on the wreath, mirror, and branches to come!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent Happenings...

Ah, it's officially fall.  You wouldn't know it here.  Today is was 101 degrees...

My family in the midwest are using words like "chilly" and "cold" and "coats".  I am ready to bust out my jeans and flats and scarves, but instead, I am still dressing my kids in tank tops and crocs! 

In other news, my kids seem to be growing up right before my eyes.  This week, I purchased size 5T jeans for Drew and I don't think he will get but 1 or 2 months out of them.  They are growing like weeds (weeds are pretty much the only things that are growing here right now anyway!) and becoming little people right before my eyes.

I wrote down a few cute things they said this week:

Drew:  "Mom, are you saving money for me to go to college"?  Seriously?  Financial questioning from my 4-year old?!

Me:  "Kate, why don't you go play football with Drew". 
Kate:  "Okay, but Drew, when you tackle me, don't get my clothes all grassy."  Such a girl!

Kate:  "Mom, I think I want to be a doctor when I get bigger."
Me:  "That's great.  You can be whatever you want to be when you get bigger."
Kate:  "Oh, okay.  Then I want to be a princess."  Again with the girliness!

6 mo. check-ups


Picnic and play with our friends

A little soccer...

Drew scored 6 goals in each of his first two games!

Preschool does Rock for the kids (and mom)!

Daddy was out of town, so we had a picnic on the floor!

It has been pleasant here in the mornings, so we are taking full advantage!

Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawaii: Part 1-Kauai

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the first half of our Hawaii trip.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime!  A second honeymoon of sorts.  We were like giddy school children again.  We lived in the moment and were so grateful to be in such a beautiful place.

What an wonderful break from our kids and a wonderful time to remove all stressors from life and relax and enjoy each other.  My parents and my grandmother came to SA to watch the kids.  They did so many things and were constantly on the go, they didn't even miss us!  I hated to break it to them, but the feeling was mutual  :). 

Honestly, we are so thankful to have people in our lives who will fly to come watch two toddlers for eight days and not bat an eye.  It made our trip so easy and managable knowing our kids were happy and being well taken care of!

Steve was asked to stand up in a wedding for a close friend who is from Hawaii, which was the catalyst for this trip.  Most of the trip we were on the island of Kauai, which we fell in love with.  We were so fortunate to have both the bride and groom show us around the island for a few days before the wedding.  We definitely had a local experience, which made the trip that much more special. 

These pics are all from the Kauai/wedding portion of the trip.


1.  There are SO many pictures.  You won't hurt my feelings if you scroll right through them!  I originally started this blog thinking that my parents, sister, and 4 friends would read it.  Now, I know a lot more people read (thank you) so sorry if this post is too much Larson for you!

2.  There are several bikini shots. I apologize for this.  ;) I usually wear a tankini, but I thought, heck it is Hawaii, so I have to wear a two-piece!   You will notice the color difference between my normal body and my stomach, which hasn't seen the light of day since I have had Drew!

3.  I think I have a beer with 2 limes in almost every picture.  I am such a cheap date!  I don't do the fruity drinks.  I'm so lame, I know!

Away we go!  We watched 2 movies and played a lot of Angry Birds on the long trip!

The view of our pool (largest pool in the entire state of HI).  We stayed at the Kauai Marriott.

So happy to be there! 

Love this!  We actually had amazing weather.  A great time of year to go.  It was breezy and cool in the mornings and evenings and 85 and sunny during the day.  It would rain for about 10 minutes everyday, and it usually produced a rainbow.  Magical.


We rented snorkel gear the second day.  These cute little shops are all over the place. 

Steve and the groom heading to the beach

This is a little bay where we snorkeled.  It was my favorite spot on the whole trip.  Having the mountains in the background is like pure heaven.

After snorkeling, we headed to another remote beach.

We stopped to take a picture of some taro fields on the way home

Birds of Paradise were everywhere

Yep, this pretty much sums it up!

The second day, Ashley and Peter took us to another remote beach. I'm talking 30 minutes away from the hotel and 15 minutes on a back dirt road.  Amazing!

All the Mainlanders that came for the wedding

The rehearsal dinner was at the bride's parent's home in Kauai.  We had another delicious local spread!

The Hawkeyes played their first game while we were in Hawaii.  There was a sports bar within walking distance from our hotel and they opened at 6am for us to watch the game!  We are dedicated fans!!  And yes, those are beers on the table.  Vacation, folks!

 I tan easily.  I was getting out of control at this point!!

The wedding was outdoors in the gardens at the hotel.  How cute are these chairs with hot pink bows and paper lanterns??

My cute hubby carried the lei for the families.

Kids?  What kids?  :)

Ashley was the most beautiful bride I have EVER seen!

Loving the simplicity and color of these placecards.  Steal this idea for your next fall party!!!

The bride and groom live in DC.  The groom works for the longest serving senator in the senate, Dan Inouye, from Hawaii.  He made the trip to Hawaii and spoke during the wedding and reception.  It was an honor to see him!

Squeezing my limes!

Even the water in Hawaii is perfect!

Are you eyes bugging out of your head?  Sorry for the lengthy post!  More pics of our adventure to Oahu to come!  Kauai has not seen the last of the Larson's!
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