Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Very Own "Princess Kate"

You might have heard about a little wedding that took place?

I think this lovely gal gives all Kate Elizabeth's a good name...

The Duchess of Cambridge. By Mike Marsland/WireImage.

Of course we think so because we have our very own
Kate Elizabeth...

And you better believe I have been telling her that she has the same name as the new princess (technically Duchess but she doesn't know the difference)!!! 

I know the Duchess' full name is Catherine Elizabeth with a C, but we like her as Kate Elizabeth with a K, much like our own little princess (or so she thinks, anyway :)!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Front Door Wreath

Here is the latest wreath to adorn my front door.  I made this a few months back and busted it out a few weeks ago.  I have a very brown brick house, so a pop of color is a must for summer (well, I know it is technically still spring, but when it is 100 degrees, it feels like summer)!

I'm linking this up to the CSI project.  Go check out all the other wreaths and get inspired!!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wine Cork Art

Kate and I did a little shopping today, and as usual, Anthropologie never disappoints.  I didn't buy anything, but just walking around the store gets me inspired!  I could transport every single piece of home decor, furniture, clothes and displays to my own home and be very happy.  A girl can dream!

I was instantly drawn to two displays in the store and as I approached them, both were made out of wine corks.  So, I did what any normal, middle of the day shopper does, I busted out my camera!  I very recently had a friend ask what she should do with all of the wine corks she has collected over the years, so Liza, this one's for you!

How cool is this?  Simple and appears to be fairly easily put together - wine corks glued together in a giant pattern (but what I don't know is how it is adhered to the wall).  They also painted the ends of the cork that are facing out white.  Looks good against that great denim wall color. 

Here is another similar pattern. What a great personal touch in the home of a wine lover.   I guess my hubby and I need to start putting back the wine so I can create one of these! 

While I was at it, I took a few more inspiring pics.  How impressive is the wine cork planter?  Yes, those are plants you see amidst that giant cork ball.  What an impact!

Colorful wall art...

How cute is this bench/coffee table?  Looks so "homemadeish" and cozy!

They also had some great knobs, books, and bowls on sale, but I saw those before I knew I had my camera in my bag!  :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY: State Silhouettes

We move a lot.  By a lot, I mean 5 states/moves in almost 8 years of marriage!  We have come to embrace our moves and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and explore new places.  We never expected that this is where our life path would lead, but I am so grateful that it has.   You learn a lot about yourself and a lot about each other when you have to rebuild a new life every few years!

I knew when we moved into this home in Texas that I wanted to create something to celebrate all of our moves.  I thought about getting a map of every city to frame, and then I got lazy and didn't want to track down the maps.  So, here is what I came up with...

State Silhouettes

This project was simple, inexpensive, and quick.  It packs a punch because of the colorful scrapbook paper against the black silhouettes.

I started out by finding five frames.  I used three that I already had, and purchased two at Goodwill for $1.99 each. 

 I painted them all out in an off white paint (free sample paint I received  from Valspar).  I painted two coats and then distressed the edges and corners.

I then googled "____ State Silhouette" and several images come up.  Simply print one out on regular paper, cut it out, trace that image onto cardstock, and cut it out again.  Repeat with all of your states or images. 

Tip:  Make sure to trace your image upside down, so the pen doesn't show on the side that will eventually face out.

I picked out 5 different patterns of scrapbook paper that would fit in my home, inserted them into the frames, and taped the silhouettes to the top.  I added some picture hangers to the back and voila!

I decided to put them in my newly painted kitchen to add a little pop of color (not in order of moves though-too predictable) and I thought they would be a good conversation piece.  They definitely turned out to be as I hosted a get together recently, and they were the first thing people commented on! 

Cost breakdown for all five prints: 
Scrapbook paper:  $1.65
Frames: $4.00
Cardstock:  $1.20
Paint:  Free
Total:  $6.85

These state silhouettes aren't for everyone, but you could easily change the silhouette to something important to you!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gift, Party Favor, or Prize

Don't you wish some days could be spent like this?

Me too.  But alas, I am hosting neighborhood bunco tonight so let the prepping, cooking, baking, and cleaning begin.  Oh yes, and I guess I will take care of my kids in the middle of all that!

Our bunco group has the hostess supply two $5 gifts for two of the winners.  I decided I would make a little something that would last in someone's home.  I love house plants.  They add color to a home, they are good for your home's air quality, and they bring the outdoors in.  The more the merrier in my opinion.

I started with two terra cotta pots and two bases (about $2 each from Michael's with coupon).  I also picked up some acrylic paint on sale for .77 in a bright, aqua blue.  I painted the top rim of the pot and the base in the aqua and did the base in chalkboard paint.

I added an African Violet to each of the pots (2.98 each at Home Depot) and wrote "Bloom" and "Sprout" on each of them.

I then wrapped them in clear cellophane and added a fun, spring colored ribbon (both were $1 from Dollar Store).  A little bit homemade, quick, inexpensive, and a gift that will last!

I also posted about another cute gift idea using a jade plant.  Hope the winners like their gifts!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have never heard of Cascarones until a few weeks ago.  They are cute and fun!

The definition according to Wikipedia:
Cascarones or confetti eggs are festive, hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti or small toys, originating in china. In Spanish, cáscara means eggshell. Cascarones are similar to the Easter eggs popular in many other countries. Decorated, confetti-filled cascarones may be thrown or crushed over the recipient's head to shower him or her with confetti.  Having a cascarón broken over one's head is said to bring good luck.

When I first heard about them, I instantly thought the kids and I would just make some for a fun little project.  I was quickly steered away from this idea, as it can be a bit laborous and you can purchase an already made dozen for about $1.50 (I found two dozen for .99 each).  We bought some to keep up with this fun tradition down here and the kids had a blast cracking them over our heads!

Who couldn't use a little good luck in their life??

The one time I will encourage them to crack each other!

Grandma & Papa were in town and got in on the action too!

Something out of the ordinary is always fun!

Helping sissy pick out the confetti

The aftermath...

We will be finding confetti in the backyard for months, I'm sure!  Excuse the half brown and half green backyard...we have a really big dog!

 Have any of you tried to make these before?  Maybe one of these years I will be brave enough and crafty enough to try them myself!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest Posting

I am thrilled to be guest posting today at Doberman's by the Sea.  Please go check out her blog...she loves all things coastal and has a love for big dogs (much like me!).  Thanks to Simone for the opportunity to be a guest blogger (first timer here)!!!

I also wanted to give a shout out to these awesome blogs for featuring, linking up, or mentioning one of my projects this week!

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Pottery Barn Kids Bedding Look-A-Like

Moss Letter & Wreath

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Cute Print

I love framed prints.  Such a good filler for a gallery wall or to stand alone to make a bold statement. 

I have a few in my house that I have posted about here.  I also saw this post on Three Men and A Lady and emailed Michelle (the blogger) to get a free copy of this...

I love how she framed this simple print in a fun, bold colored frame.  This will be going in my kid's bathroom!  Just need to find the time to print it off and get it done! 


SA celebrates Fiesta every spring to honor the memory of the battles of The Alamo and San Jacinto.  It is a 10 day festival full of parades, parties, and activities.  Boy, does this town know how to celebrate!  We were lucky enough to attend the Cavalier River Parade on the Riverwalk with a pre-party at the hotel located on the river.  We noshed on delicious food, drank a few drinks, had front row seats at the parade, and had well behaved children.  This entire combination made for one great night out in SA!

It was windy, but beautiful!

Of course, I was checking out the decor at the party.  I really wanted to bring eight of these home with me for my dining room table that doesn't exist yet!

Gorgeous paper topiaries lined the patio-loving the bold colors of Fiesta

Enjoying a night out, even if our kids were with us!!  :)

Look at this fab dessert

Eva Longoria was the Grand Marshall of the parade-she is stunning!

Both of the kids had a blast and we can't wait to celebrate again next year!

Drew also had a Fiesta parade at preschool.  The older kids decorated their bikes, scooters, and strollers and the younger kids made shakers and hats to walk in the parade.

My little cheeseball was so excited to see us waving at him!

I think this picture is demonstrating how badly kate wishes she was in preschool too!

Drew and one of his best buddies

Who doesn't love a Fiesta?????

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Redo: Chalkboard Cabinet Door

Do you remember the post where I painted an old cabinet door with chalkboard paint?  I painted it a robin's egg blue for a pop of color in my otherwise brown kitchen.  Chalkboard paint is everywhere right now, and I jumped on the bandwagon.  Homemade and cute, and functional, just the way I like it. :)

Well, in the past week, I have painted my kitchen (more to come on that), so I had to revamp the chalkboard door.  I decided to go with classic white paint, and distressed it a bunch.

You can see a sneak peek of the new kitchen paint behind the chalkboard...and I'm loving it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Basil

About a week ago I planted some of these ($1 from Home Depot)...

Look what I discovered!  My basil is sprouting!  I dream of one day having a real garden, but herbs will have to do for now.  I painted a terra cotta pot with robin's egg blue and chalkboard paint to make it cute...

With all of my fresh basil, I will be making lots of this during the summer...

My sister first turned me on to this delicious bruschetta recipe and it is a staple in our home.  You must try it!

6 roma tomatoes (cut in half, scoop out the insides, and dice)
1/4 cup fresh basil
1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 garlic cloves
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup mozzerella (fresh or shredded)

Combine all ingredients and serve on slices of warmed baguette.  You will want to eat the entire bowl yourself!

Recipe adapted from

Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY: Jewelry Holder

I spotted an old, distressed window frame a few months back and knew it had to come home with me.  I turned it into a jewelry/earring holder and it is now something I use every single day.

Here is the original window frame that caught my eye...

I added chicken wire to the back of the frame using a staple gun.  I then added wire picture hanger to the back in order for it to hang on the wall.

I simply hang the earrings from the chicken wire. You could also use opened up paper clips to hang necklaces.  I can't fit everything, but I hang my most favorite pieces for convenience and a little color!

I never realized how nice it would be to have my earrings organized as opposed to laying around mismatched in a jewelry box.  It makes it so much easier to remember what you have and to easier to change it up!

I couldn't resist how distressed and weathered the frame looked.  I like to think about the home this old piece used to be a part of and I feel lucky that it is now in mine.  Love it.
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