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Monday, December 19, 2011

Twelve Months of Giving Back

I have decided to start a little series on the blog called “Twelve Months of Giving Back”.  I am stealing this idea from my friend Allison, who lives in the KC area, and blogs about giving back each month.  She inspired me to start this, and I hope this will inspire one or more of you to do the same!

More and more I am feeling a want to give back.  These ideas won’t be grand, but hopefully it is a small start to get back to doing what I love, which is helping people and teaching my kids about the kindness of giving.

I have decided to start this month.  Two weeks ago, the kids and I went grocery shopping to donate goods to the local food bank.  Last week, while visiting my sister, we adopted two kids from the Angel Tree through the Salvation Army in Des Moines.  Drew chose an 18 month old boy and Mia chose a baby girl. 

We got everything on each of their wish-lists, which included simple things like a “ball” and “socks”.  I am most happy about getting our little boy a winter coat, shoes, and books.



And here is a random picture of my sister’s tree this year.  We don’t have any Christmas decorations in the hotel room, so we are living vicariously through them.  It is wild and full and decked out and I love it!



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