Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Double Date

We headed to my sister’s for the holiday weekend and she was able to find us a sitter for a night.  It is rare that the four of us get to go out together, so this was a special treat!

This picture was taken at Fong’s Pizza.  If you order a specific shot you get to wear these fun helmets while you take them.  Super festive and we were certainly having fun with it!  We also tried their famous Crab Rangoon Pizza.  Yes, it was delicious!




We also had a few drinks and appetizers at a fun place called Zombie Burger.  Can’t wait to do more of this now that we live closer!  And the best part was, all of the kids were sleeping and the babysitter was still smiling when we got home!



We love our kids, but we also love a good night out!  Cheers!

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