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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Move Update

Well, we made the two day trip to Kansas City and have gotten settled into our new digs...a 2 bed, 2 bath hotel room.  It is not ideal, but it is part of the process when you move.  We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given and I am trying to stay positive!  We were welcomed to the midwest with a nice wind storm on the way here, in which I thought my car was going to blow over!  It has also been in the 40's and has rained since we have been here.  Welcome back to the midwest in November! 

We are super excited to be here and have already accomplished a lot.  Upon arriving, we got right to house hunting.  We bought a house the first day!  It was the only one that seemed "right" to us after looking at about 70 homes (new and resale).  We ended up going with new construction that is about 45 days out from completion.  The bones of the construction are finished, but we get to pick all the fun stuff!  We have been making so many decisions and it has been a super fun process.  I love that I get to customize it to our taste!

Here is a sneak peak!  We will be in the hotel a little longer, but we have so much to be thankful for!

In the meantime, we are heading to my sister's for Thanksgiving.  We are definitely excited to be able to drive to see family, instead of having to hop on a plane. 

I am also working on getting a new preschool, pediatrician, and all the other things that come with a new city.  The kid's have blown us away with their ability to just go with the flow.  It is amazing how quickly a new city can start to feel like home...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Welcome to Kansas City. Your new home is beautiful. I enjoy your blog. I'm from KC so if i can be any help just let me know welcome....Pat H