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Monday, November 14, 2011

Build-a-Bear Party Invites

My super crafty and creative friend passed out these adorable invites at Drew's preschool a few weeks ago.   Her daughter is one of Drew's besties (and one of his "girlfriends").  Yes, I said "one of".  I'm pretty sure he thinks all three of the girls in his room are his "best girls"! 


The party was at Build-a-Bear, so she actually made an invite where you do just that!  She sewed all of these herself-how cute!! 

I asked my friend if her daughter was wanting anything in particular for her birthday.  She mentioned to me that she has been wanting the Ken Groom Doll because she thinks it looks like Drew!  Ha-young preschool love!  So, we got her the doll and this is what he looks lips and all!

We recently went to this party and the kids had a blast!   We have gotten Build-a-Bears as gifts, but had never done it ourselves.   Drew picked out a longhorn and named it "Tex", and Kate picked the seasonal reindeer and named it "Bambi".

I just had to share those adorable invites!  I wish I sewed.  Maybe one day...when the kids go off to school!

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  1. So glad the kids had fun...we love Build a Bear. I was sad we had to miss, but I figured you wouldn't want my feverish, snotty germs :)