Life Love Larson: November 2011


Monday, November 28, 2011

Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats

Kate recently turned 3, and she celebrated at her preschool before we moved.  I decided to make her class some fun rice crispy treats that I "pinned".  Super easy, and super festive!  Much like the regular rice crispy treats, with a twist - just add some yellow cake mix and sprinkles!

I cut into squares and individually wrapped for easy distribution.  A homemade treat that takes about 10 minutes to prep!

The original pin and recipe and can be found at

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Personalized Chalkboard Doors

As we prepared to leave San Antonio, I knew I wanted to make something for all four of the kid's preschool teachers.  My kids were blessed to attend a wonderful preschool with loving teachers and we will miss them greatly.

For Kate's teachers (whom Drew also had last year), I decided to make chalkboard cabinet doors.  Perfect for a teacher, functional, and something to always remember us by!

I wanted to keep things neutral.  I used paints from my stash, including a mocha brown and a charcoal grey.  I trimmed them out in a stark white to coordinate with the monogrammed knob (Hobby Lobby). 

I then tied a piece of dustless chalk to the knob (with twine) and wrapped with a bow (meant to be a going away gift/Christmas gift).

I found the knobs on clearance for $0.81 and the doors cost me $3.  Adding the chalk, paint, and bow, and you are looking at just under $5 each!  More to come on Drew's teacher gifts in a future post!
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Move Update

Good news...our house in SA went under contract in just 3 short weeks!  Woo hoo!  Because of this, we are moving to Kansas City a bit faster than we thought.  The movers come next week, so I have been busy decluttering, organizing, spackling, touching up paint, etc.  One good thing about moving as much as we do is that our clutter and excess is at a minimum.  I find it so much easier to have a clear mind when my home isn't full of "stuff". 

We did not find a home in KC on our first house hunting trip.  We don't like to rush into buying anything, so we will be moving into a hotel for the hoiday season.  Doesn't that sound cozy and inviting??  Not! 

At least my sister is only 3 hours away, so the kids and I will probably be moving in with them before long!  When we moved to San Antonio 16 months ago, we lived in a hotel for 30 days.  It was 110 degrees, living in about 300 sq. ft. with an 18 month old, a 2.5 year old, two Great Danes, and one cat.  It was not a joyous time in my life.  I loathe hotel living.  My kids couldn't be more excited.  My husband cannot understand why I wouldn't be happy about not cooking or cleaning for 2 months.  Um, did I fail to mention that I still have two toddlers, now one dog :(, still one cat, and now it will be the dead of winter?? 

Finding a home when we officially move next week is our #1 priority, and I am confident we will find something soon!!  This little family is getting excited about our new adventure. . .


As long as we have each other, we can get through any transition...except maybe the transition to the cold weather.  I am absolutely dreading it!  :)
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three More Jewelry Holders

The old window frame jewelry holder that I blogged about has been one of my most viewed projects.  Something about the chippy window and the chicken wire...

In the past few months, I decided to make a few more jewelry/earring holders to sell in the booth.

#1-Goodwill frame ($1), turquoise paint, distressing, staining, chicken wire, gold knob from Anthropologie.