Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jalapeno Popper Dip

This Sunday, we tried a new appetizer dip I found on Pinterest.  I figure there is no point in pinning if I am not going to actually try anything!  We also tried a new sandwich which I will post about soon.

My husband and I do not have a high tolerance for heat in food.  While we like the flavor of hot foods, we can only handle them in small doses.  I thought this jalapeno popper dip would be good because I could control the amount of jalapenos that went in it.

The verdict on this dip was that is was super easy to throw together and it was delicious!

These were the ingredients used (I ended up not using the fresh jalapenos).  I have lots of Panko bread crumbs left over that I plan to use with fish and chicken in upcoming meals!

The full recipe (and picture below) can be found at:

I recommend taking this to a party where others will help you eat it.  My husband and I pretty much polished this one off ourselves!

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