Life Love Larson: September 2011


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toddler Paint Activity

I found this simple and cute idea via Pinterest.  We were just hanging out in our pj's yesterday morning, so we decided to give this paint project a try!  Our letters did not turn out quite so pronounced, but you get the idea!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawaii: Part 1-Kauai

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the first half of our Hawaii trip.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime!  A second honeymoon of sorts.  We were like giddy school children again.  We lived in the moment and were so grateful to be in such a beautiful place.

What an wonderful break from our kids and a wonderful time to remove all stressors from life and relax and enjoy each other.  My parents and my grandmother came to SA to watch the kids.  They did so many things and were constantly on the go, they didn't even miss us!  I hated to break it to them, but the feeling was mutual  :). 

Honestly, we are so thankful to have people in our lives who will fly to come watch two toddlers for eight days and not bat an eye.  It made our trip so easy and managable knowing our kids were happy and being well taken care of!

Steve was asked to stand up in a wedding for a close friend who is from Hawaii, which was the catalyst for this trip.  Most of the trip we were on the island of Kauai, which we fell in love with.  We were so fortunate to have both the bride and groom show us around the island for a few days before the wedding.  We definitely had a local experience, which made the trip that much more special. 

These pics are all from the Kauai/wedding portion of the trip.


1.  There are SO many pictures.  You won't hurt my feelings if you scroll right through them!  I originally started this blog thinking that my parents, sister, and 4 friends would read it.  Now, I know a lot more people read (thank you) so sorry if this post is too much Larson for you!

2.  There are several bikini shots. I apologize for this.  ;) I usually wear a tankini, but I thought, heck it is Hawaii, so I have to wear a two-piece!   You will notice the color difference between my normal body and my stomach, which hasn't seen the light of day since I have had Drew!

3.  I think I have a beer with 2 limes in almost every picture.  I am such a cheap date!  I don't do the fruity drinks.  I'm so lame, I know!

Away we go!  We watched 2 movies and played a lot of Angry Birds on the long trip!
Monday, September 19, 2011

End Table Makeover

I found a large, chunky, pine end table at Goodwill awhile back.  I bought it not knowing what I would do with it, but it was in great shape for $12.  I have since painted and stained it and it now resides in the vendor booth.  It fits perfectly and it provides great storage and a great pop of color!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ice Cream Party Invitations

My neighbor and friend recently hosted a birthday party for her four year old daughter, who happens to be one of Drew's little buddies.  After a pool party, we went back to their home and the kids made ice cream sundaes.

The invitations were so cute and creative!  Lucky for me, she took pictures so I could blog about it! 

Supplies:  foam balls, glue, paint, riboon, mini cups and spoons, "You're Invited" tags, and stickers with the party details

Her girls helped her make these, which I love.  The foam balls drying outside.

Of course, you would have to drop off these invitations, but they are so cute, they are worth the drive!

Thanks to my friend Liza for sharing!