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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Visitors of the Summer!

My sister and her family came for a long visit recently.  They live in Iowa, and we love having them in the south!  Our kids are very close in age, and all of the cousins act like brother and sister.  It's as if they just know they are family!

On our way to Rosario's-yum!

Having a drink at The Friendly Spot!

So hard having your best friend live far away!!!

Morning PJ fun!

We logged a lot of hours at the pool

Movie Night!

Hanging out in Gruene, TX!  They could be triplets!

These two will be the sister neither of them have!

Texas Pride BBQ-such a fun, Texas place to eat!

As I always say, the time went by way to fast.  My sister and I drank lots of margaritas and solved the world's problems on my back porch-love those nights!  The kids are still talking to me about missing Mia (they still aren't sure about Sam who is still a "baby" to them!).  Until next time....we miss you guys!

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