Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recipe Storage

I blogged about my coupon storage  a while back, and I have to report that I love it!  I keep it in my car so I always have it with me and I update and clean it out every Sunday with the paper and some coffee!  It has truly made me more organized and I am definitely saving money!  Woo hoo!

Because I do love the organization the plastic bin provides, I decided to go ahead and clean out my recipe box and apply the same principle.

My recipe box was overflowing.  I found myself throwing recipes in a cabinet, losing them, and they were getting damaged.  I decided today that I was going to do something about it, so I picked up another bin this morning and got to work while the kids were napping.

This is the worn out recipe box that was driving me nuts!

This is during the purge and sort.

This is organized bliss!  This cost me $2.50 and took about 30 minutes.

I did the same exact thing as I did for the coupons.  I cut off the flap from several envelopes, wrote a header on top of an index card, filed the recipes according to several different catergories, and alphabetized. 

Now, if I want to make cookies, I simply grab the "cookies" envelope and sift through my recipes.  Before, all my desserts were lumped in together and it took me forever to find anything.  This is obviously larger than my recipe box, so this will be stored in my pantry, where I have lots of extra space.

Here are the catergories I used in case you are interested: 
misc. desserts
side dishes

I cook a lot, but I have to admit that during the summer, I throw together easy recipes or we just throw something on the grill.  This exercise has me motivated to try some new recipes that I just found!  Happy organizing!

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