Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recent Happenings...

I am a little backed up family pics, so here is a rundown of what we have been up to...

A little painting and stamping

We took the kids to their first hockey game a few weeks ago and our seats were directly behind our bench.  We are a sports family, so this outing was right up our alley!!  Drew is just obsessed with hockey right now.  He enjoyed staying up late and watching the Blackhawks with Daddy, and now that they are out of the playoffs, he watches whatever team is on! 

He practices inside and outside (all day long)...I think some rollerblades/skates are going to be in his future.  He keeps asking why he doesn't have any yet! 

We had a playdate with some of Drew's preschool friends this past week.  We tried to go to a museum and the zoo, but both were full of school buses, so we decided to ride the train at the zoo and went to lunch. 

A stop on the train led us to the Japanese Tea Garden.  It was free to get in so we decided to check it out, and we are glad we did!  This place was gorgeous and so peaceful. 

Drew has also been playing a lot of soccer.  We are about half way through the season, and he continues to love it.  He is the youngest and smallest on the team, but it doesn't stop him from working hard and scoring goals!  He is really learning a lot this season about defense, and it is showing.  We are super proud of him and love to watch him play!

This weekend, we drove to the southern tip of Texas to meet some of Steve's coworkers that we have not met before.  We had a cookout at a coworker's ranch, and the kids had the best time running around and exploring on all their land.  They pet cows, played fetch with dogs in the pond, went fishing (Steve caught a large bass!), hit a pinata, and ran ragged for several hours!   The kids were so excited to stay in a hotel for the night and we were happy to have made it home after a long car ride today!

And last, but not least, this is how we have been spending our afternoons!

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