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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eight Years!

Eight years ago today, I married.  Gosh, we seemed so young at age 23, but we were ready.  Not a day goes by (okay, a few have gone by!) that I don't think about what a wonderful decision it was to marry Steve.  We laugh a lot.  We don't take each other too seriously.  We have experienced a lot together. Marriage is hard work, but we make the effort because it is worth it.  Steve is a great catch. He is a great father. I am blessed.

In ten years of being together, we have survived a long distance dating relationship, moved away from family and friends and lived to tell about it, bought three homes, moved five times, became parents to two Great Danes and one cat, became parents to two amazing kids, and recently mourned the loss of one of our dogs.  We never imagined this is where we would be after eight years, so we don't even try to predict where will be in another eight!

I do know, however, where Steve and I will be spending a little time in late summer.  HAWAII!  Never been and we couldn't be more excited about spending 8 days and nights with NO KIDS!  It will be the first time since our honeymoon that we have gotten away like this. 

Feast your eyes on a few images and picture our faces on those sandy beaches :)...

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My sister is in town visiting, so we may or may not try to sneak away for a little dinner together.  Because Steve is a good sport, he will be watching four kids (ages 3 and under) on Thursday night when my sister and I go out with some of my friends!!  Happy Anniversary, honey!!  Ha!!

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