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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bow Hanger Makeover

My sister made Kate a bow hanger when she was still a baby.  She made it out of a cheap frame, a small letter, and some ribbon.  I love it because it was homemade by my sis and it is super functional.  Kate's baby room had a lot of pink and green, which were the colors of the bow hanger.  I thought I had a before shot (bad blogger), but I can't find it.  Here is a pic of my niece's bow hanger (hence the "M"), and Kate's is similar (Mia just has way more bows)!

I am currently changing out a few things in Kate's room as we get geared up to transition her to a big girl bed.  She has PINK walls, but I am taking most of the green out of her room and I needed to change up the bow hanger a bit. 

First I ripped off the old green grosgrain ribbon and attached some new polka dot ribbon (left over from another project in her room).

Next, I removed the gingham fabric from the glass part of the frame and added a small piece of burlap that I already had in my stash.  I also painted the white frame a light blue/grey (the same color that I used on her new recovered chair).

Finally, I spray painted the multicolored "K" a watermelon color (also had this in my stash) and distressed it a bit.  This makeover was free because everything I used was already in my home from other projects!  I love that as Kate gets older, her bow hanger can grow with her!

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