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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wine Cork Art

Kate and I did a little shopping today, and as usual, Anthropologie never disappoints.  I didn't buy anything, but just walking around the store gets me inspired!  I could transport every single piece of home decor, furniture, clothes and displays to my own home and be very happy.  A girl can dream!

I was instantly drawn to two displays in the store and as I approached them, both were made out of wine corks.  So, I did what any normal, middle of the day shopper does, I busted out my camera!  I very recently had a friend ask what she should do with all of the wine corks she has collected over the years, so Liza, this one's for you!

How cool is this?  Simple and appears to be fairly easily put together - wine corks glued together in a giant pattern (but what I don't know is how it is adhered to the wall).  They also painted the ends of the cork that are facing out white.  Looks good against that great denim wall color. 

Here is another similar pattern. What a great personal touch in the home of a wine lover.   I guess my hubby and I need to start putting back the wine so I can create one of these! 

While I was at it, I took a few more inspiring pics.  How impressive is the wine cork planter?  Yes, those are plants you see amidst that giant cork ball.  What an impact!

Colorful wall art...

How cute is this bench/coffee table?  Looks so "homemadeish" and cozy!

They also had some great knobs, books, and bowls on sale, but I saw those before I knew I had my camera in my bag!  :)


  1. Thanks for the ideas, I love them both but I think I would go for the planter, love it!

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  3. Love the wine cork planter!
    I make wine cork jewelry... I LOVE to find new ways to repurpose things!

  4. The DIY Wine Cork Ball is so cool. Featured you on Homemade Wine Cork Crafts