Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillows, a Cushion, and a Throw

After my no-sew pillow cover post, I decided I would post about all the pillows in my house.  My sister first turned me on to mixing and matching different pattern and color on throw blankets and pillows.  I have brown walls, white curtains and brown leather couches, so a pop of color from pillows is a must!


Red/Cream Striped:  Pottery Barn (on sale for $13)
Blue/White Chevron:  Dwell for Target ($24.99 new, but I paid $10 for it at Goodwill with the tags attached)
Green Floral:  Cover is made from (2) World Market napkins for $6

Red/White:  same as above, I have two of them
Blue/White Bird Pillow:  Homegoods on clearance for $8!

Green Floral:  I made two of these no-sew pillows in this fabric
Silk Blue:  Homegoods for $19.99


(3) Black and White:  IKEA ($12 each and that includes the insert!)
Blue Silk with Black embellishment:  Pillow was from Kirklands for $7.99 and I jazzed it up.  More to come on that in another post!


Bench Cushion:  Pier One for $39.99
"1" Pillow:  Pottery Barn Outlet ($17.99)


Red/White Striped:  Pottery Barn on clearnace for $13.99 (it's an outdoor pillow that I use indoors)
Orange:  Crate & Barrel from like 10 years ago (no idea on the cost)
Colorful Striped:  IKEA ($6)

Lastly, my sister picked out this cute throw for me when we first moved in.  It is from Homegoods ($19.99).

There you have it!  And don't buy expensive pillow inserts!  Go to Ross or Kirklands or somewhere that sells inexpensive pillows, purchase a pillow you either like or don't like and remove the insert. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm curious - how is the no sew pillow holding up? I saw the same blog post, but wondered how sturdy the pillows would be, or if they would just fall apart.

  2. Brooklyn-I have only had the pillow covers for about a week, so I cannot comment on long term, but I feel like they will hold up fine with the fabric napkin. I use my pillows for decorative mostly, so no one is really laying on them for them to get damaged. If you try it, let me know how it goes!


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