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Monday, April 4, 2011

No-Sew Pillow Cover

I don't sew.  I don't own a sewing machine.  Maybe in my next life or when my kids go off to school...

When I saw this tutorial on how to make a no-sew pillow cover, I had to give it a try.  Besides paint, the quickest and cheapest way to change up a room (if you ask me) is to change and rearrange your pillows! 

The fabric used in the tutorial were (2) 20 x 20 cloth napkins from World Market.  So, I quickly popped up to my World Market to see what I could find.  I know I am spoiled to have a Hobby Lobby, World Market, Homegoods, and Target all in the same spot (within 3 minutes of my house)!  I think my husband thinks otherwise :).  I digress.  So, I purchased two napkins in a fun springy fabric for $3 each.  I don't really have any green in my house, but I like the reds and magentas and blues in this fabric, and the green makes me think spring!

I also purchased some Stitch Witchery (from Hob Lob).  Cost was about $3.50.

Then I propped up the laptop and followed the tutorial.  Cut one napkin in half.

Use a damp cloth and iron to adhere the stitch witchery (see tutorial for how and where to use this).  These pics are just to give you an idea of how it goes, not a tutorial!   

Thirty minutes after I started, I had a $6 pillow cover and I don't sew!  I used a pillow insert from another pillow I wasn't currently using.  Loving this fabric for spring.  Can't beat the price for a custom pillow cover! 

Thanks to Centsational Girl for the idea and the step by step tutorial.  I went back a few days later and grabbed two more napkins.  I completed another pillow in the same fabric for my loveseat.  I actually got a little fancy and made a custom fit one for a smaller pillow insert I already had at the house.  I could get used to this whole "no sew" stuff!


  1. I love that fabric. Well done, the pillow looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks! I am wanting to have outdoor pillows made of vintage tableclothes BUT I don't sew! Great idea - I will try this!

  3. Those are darling...but you have GOT to get a machine and learn to sew. You're crafty now, but you would be out of control crafty with a machine!! :) Maybe this summer-we could have sewing project weekends!

  4. What a great job you did.
    Why sew when you can do that?
    I love the fabric!

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  5. These are incredible! I don't sew, and I'm always so sad because I either have to pay a fortune for store bought pillows or have them made for me if I want custom ones. I know I could do this! Thank you so much for sharing this on Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!


  6. Hi Andrea,

    We wanted to let you know that we are going to be featuring your beautiful pillows on Inspiration Friday! Post will be up this afternoon.


    The girls At The Picket Fence

  7. LOVE It!! I don't own a sewing machine either...I made drapes using this method...Can't wait to recover some pillows now:-)

  8. This is great and I just love the fabric too! I linked this to my no sew pillows post as well, thanks!