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Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY: State Silhouettes

We move a lot.  By a lot, I mean 5 states/moves in almost 8 years of marriage!  We have come to embrace our moves and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and explore new places.  We never expected that this is where our life path would lead, but I am so grateful that it has.   You learn a lot about yourself and a lot about each other when you have to rebuild a new life every few years!

I knew when we moved into this home in Texas that I wanted to create something to celebrate all of our moves.  I thought about getting a map of every city to frame, and then I got lazy and didn't want to track down the maps.  So, here is what I came up with...

State Silhouettes

This project was simple, inexpensive, and quick.  It packs a punch because of the colorful scrapbook paper against the black silhouettes.

I started out by finding five frames.  I used three that I already had, and purchased two at Goodwill for $1.99 each. 

 I painted them all out in an off white paint (free sample paint I received  from Valspar).  I painted two coats and then distressed the edges and corners.

I then googled "____ State Silhouette" and several images come up.  Simply print one out on regular paper, cut it out, trace that image onto cardstock, and cut it out again.  Repeat with all of your states or images. 

Tip:  Make sure to trace your image upside down, so the pen doesn't show on the side that will eventually face out.

I picked out 5 different patterns of scrapbook paper that would fit in my home, inserted them into the frames, and taped the silhouettes to the top.  I added some picture hangers to the back and voila!

I decided to put them in my newly painted kitchen to add a little pop of color (not in order of moves though-too predictable) and I thought they would be a good conversation piece.  They definitely turned out to be as I hosted a get together recently, and they were the first thing people commented on! 

Cost breakdown for all five prints: 
Scrapbook paper:  $1.65
Frames: $4.00
Cardstock:  $1.20
Paint:  Free
Total:  $6.85

These state silhouettes aren't for everyone, but you could easily change the silhouette to something important to you!

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  1. this is amazing!!! i will have to do this for our home as well! thanks for the inspriation!

  2. wWat a GREAT idea! If I had ever had the privilege of living in more than ONE state, I would be all over that! :-)

  3. Very cool idea. It looks great.

  4. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project. :)

  5. Love the artwork and love that you hanged it above the door. Space that is usually wasted.

  6. These are SO cute and creative!

  7. I love the look of these and the fact that you hung them above the door. I often forget about that space but it looks nice.

  8. I love this! Of course, we'd only have two states, and that's only if we did where we're from! I'm from Florida & he's from New York. But I love how they turned out!

    Visiting from Elements Interiors!

  9. I really love these! I've made some state-shaped art before and just love all the shapes.


  10. These look great, the idea behind them is lovely, thanks for sharing!

  11. These are so popular! I've been noticing them everywhere--so much so I wanted to try my own :) I hope to tackle a very similar project this weekend! I am loving your spin on it and think it is the perfect decor for you since you have lived in so many states! :) I love your style--the colors, patterns, so great! Thank you for even more inspiration--I really love these!! :) Well done!

    Katie@ Little Things Bring Smiles

  12. Very cool idea! Love how they turned out!

  13. What a great way to honor all the states you have lived in. I am really in to white frames right now. I love the way you have arranged your silhouettes. Looks so fantastic!

  14. This is so fun - to have personalized wall art that you also made is just awesome! And the fact that you made it without a fancy die cutting machine is also pretty awesome! Love it! : )

  15. Such an awesome idea!! I love how the silhouettes really pop against the background! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower :)

  16. Very cool. I lived in six states in six years and this would be a fun way to remember them all.

  17. What a totally great idea Andrea! So clever and definitely good conversation starters. :-) I moved around a lot growing up and you really do learn how much bigger the world is and that you have to be the one to embrace the change and new people into your life. It is obvious you have learned how to do that! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  18. What a cute idea Andrea. Love that there's a special meaning behind the framed state silhouettes. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


  19. What a darling idea- I love it. It's so creative and sweet~thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  20. How do you hang it on the wall?