Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Trying Week

This past week as not been my week.  Period.  I like to consider myself an upbeat and optimistic person, but I have to share my recent experiences just this once...

This is how my week unfolded:

Feb. 22-Steve goes out of town.  Take Drew to the doc thinking he has something.  He checked out okay.

Feb. 23-The kids and I are excited to get to the airport late afternoon.  I leave about half of my packing left to do and I have to drop the dogs at the kennel by 10am (before the office closes).  No problem, I am used to squeezing 300 lbs of dogs and 2 toddlers in my Element.  Just before I leashed them up, I loaded the food and blankets in the back of the car with the tailgate up.  Forgetting I still had it up, I opened the garage door and the sucker gets jammed.  Panic sets in.  It is 9:30am and it takes me 20 minutes to get to the kennel.  I manage to back the car out so at least we have transportation.  A wheel was off the track and wire came loose on one side of the garage.  Sweating now.  I start running to several neighbors to see if anyone could help me and no one was home.  I am frantically calling Steve because I have to drop the dogs or I cannot leave on our flight and I do not want to leave with the garage door wide open.  He is in meetings and on conference calls. 

During all of this, I had one of those moments where I felt like I could lift a car off of a baby.  You know, that mom strength?  I decide to get on a ladder and fix it myself.  Logical for a small woman who knows nothing about mechanics.  I at least had the know-how to put the garage in manual mode so I didn't close it on myself.  After about 20 minutes of lifting, sweating, and tears, I managed to get the wheel on the track but the door was still stuck and leaning to one side.  My 3 year old had to take my 2 year old to the bathroom (thank god for siblings), my dogs were anxious to get going, and I look down and blood is gushing everywhere.  During my "lifting a car off a baby" moment, I cut my hand on a steel bar. 

Steve's coworker comes to help me get the garage door closed and tells me that I have to go get stitches or it will get infected.  I was ready to throw a Hello Kitty band-aid on it and call it a day.  I have a flight to catch, remember?  I knew that the cut was deep but I still had a lot to do, and did I mention I had to arrange a late drop off for the dogs which required bringing them in the secure side gate and accessing a locked code?  Little did I know that would have been the last time I would see our Great Dane, Hillary (see All Dogs Go To Heaven post below).

I go to urgent care where eveyone else and their brother are waiting and coughing and sickly.  I also have two toddlers with me and have been sweating for 2 hours.  Two hours and three stitches later, I have a swollen and throbbing hand that will late be pulling a roller suitcase and pushing an umbrella stroller.

We manage to make it to the airport only to find out that our flight is delayed an hour and a half.  My kids love to fly and were so excited and I had that gut wrenching feeling that we were going to have to turn right back around and leave the next morning.  The gate attendant said that we MIGHT miss our connection in Milwaukee, but there were no guarantees.  I asked about a morning flight, and it was "convention week" here, so she told me I better at least get to Milwaukee or we would not be making it to our final destination.  We forge ahead.  I have good kids.  They are good travelers.  We all wanted to see our family.  BUT, staying the night at the Milwaukee airport is not my idea of fun.  I also think I am the last mother in America who doesn't own a portable DVD player and we didn't bring any books or toys.  Too much to manage and carry already.  They can entertain themselves.  We finally get on our first flight after being at the airport for 4 hours.  We find out 5 minutes before we land that they are holding the flight for the Des Moines passengers.  Could it be?  A ray of light on an otherwise dark day?  Yes. Those lovely crew members from Frontier Airlines held the plane for us.  We were running to our gate and smiling ear to ear.  I think I shed a few tears when I finally got seated and realized it was all going to be okay. 

We made it to Des Moines around midnight.  I let my kids eat chocolate chip cookies and drink Diet Dr. Pepper at 11pm on the flight.  I didn't care.  I was going to see my sister and the world was good again. 

Feb. 26-  Kate gets a high fever.  Take her to urgent care.  Ear infection.  Ugh. 

Feb. 28-Steve is home and goes to pick up the dogs from the kennel at 5pm.  By midnight, one of our dogs had to be euthanized.  Steve was alone and the kids and I were still up north.  Devastating.

Mar. 2-The kids and I return home.  The only hiccup on the way home was that both my kids decided they needed to pee AND poop on the plane.  I barely fit in one of those things, so imagine the three of us.  The crew was nice enough to watch Drew and show him some cool dry ice tricks :). 

My life is not perfect.  It is a roller coaster at times.  But at the end of the day, I have a happy and healthy family and so much to be thankful for.  Whenever I get down, I think about so many others who only wish they had my problems.

Pics of the trip to come soon.  Sorry about the novel of a blog post, but this is a cathartic way for me to release some tension and to realize all that I have to be thankful for.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I was getting sweaty for you just READING that! So glad you made it ok...I think I saw Frontier Airlines on Undercover Boss, and the owner was the nicest man ever!
    We seriously need a night out SOON. I vote for getting sitters and making it a date night...maybe after Spring Break?


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