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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Share?

My friend texted me the other day and told me to look at the Pottery Barn Kids magazine.  She wanted me to look at this page below...if you look closely (at the pillows), these fake siblings share the same names as my real kiddos (Drew and Kate with a "K").  Those PBK peeps really know how to pick a name :)!

image via Pottery Barn Kids

My kids do not currently share a room, but it got me thinking...

They did share when I had two babies and two cribs, but since they have gotten older, they have separate rooms.  Hmmm....I shared a room with my sister (who is 15 months apart from me) my whole life and we both slept in twin beds until we went away to college.  I wouldn't change having had a companion in my room to share stories before bed and stay up late laughing (and fighting).  Will my kids be missing out by not sharing?  I think it is difficult with opposite gendered kids...2 boys or 2 girls might make for an easier transition and make for an easier time decorating!  What do you think?  A shared room would mean I would get that craft/work space I have been dreaming about!  I might need to reconsider!

Here a some additonal (inspiring) shared spaces...

image via

image via

image via positively splendid

I have been blessed with great sleepers, so I am not sure how a slumber party every night with a 2 and 3 year old would work out!  I'll keep considering... :)

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  1. I never would have thought that there would be so many inspiring rooms of shared kid spaces of opposite genders. These are great. I guess sharing at a young age really wouldnt matter but as they get older i'm sure they would want their own space.