Friday, March 18, 2011


A big thank you to  for featuring my Moss Letter & Wreath in her DIY section!  If you have made a letter or wreath after seeing mine, please send me a pic!  I love that people are being inspired-that is why I take the time to post all my projects.  I am inspired every day by the creativity of others!

Also, as a quick sidenote, did you know that Pottery Barn offers free decorating classes?  I went to one a few weeks ago and the topic of discussion was accessorizing your home.  The one I am going to next weekend is all about entertaining guests.  The classes are held before the store opens and you will have time after the class to browse and shop.  You will also receive a 10% off coupon to purchase an item from the store.  This is a great excuse to grab your girlfriends, a Starbucks, and learn a little something!  I love to look around the store at displays to get ideas, something I don't get to do when my kids are with me! 

Have a great weekend!  Off to finish mulching!


  1. That is where I saw your blog from! I will be making one or two .. ha ha.. this weekend and Ill send a pic! =)

    And great tip on the Pottery Barn Classes.. I didnt know that. How fun!!! Thanks!

  2. i had no idea about the classes. brody works this weekend, but the next one you go to...count me in!

    also...i think i need to thrift with you. i never have any luck