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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boys Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids Look- A-Like

A friend of mine recently saw Drew's room for the first time.  She immediately commented on his bedding and asked me if it was the Kasey Collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  It is not from PBK, but it was the bedding that inspired me for his room, so I guess I did a pretty good job! 

Here is the PBK version:
Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Here is the version I purchased:
Image via Linen Locker
Prairie Stripes Quilted Bedding

I went back and forth on what to purchase.  My final decision was determined by price as well as the fact that Drew had just turned 2 when he moved into his big boy bed, which meant that pee and puke would somehow find its way onto the bedding!  I also thought if I hated it in 2 years, I didn't spend a lot of money, so I wouldn't feel married to it. 

The PBK version happens to be on sale right now, but the one I purchased was only $70, which included the queen sized quilt and two shams.  Not bad, right?  It gets excellent reviews online which was my final motivation to purchase it.  You can find this bed set on several different sites (google Prairie Stripes Quilted Bedding), but I purchased mine through because of the free site to store shipping, which saves you even more!  With all the money you save, you could have the shams monogrammed to look like the PBK room!

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