Life Love Larson: March 2011


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Share?

My friend texted me the other day and told me to look at the Pottery Barn Kids magazine.  She wanted me to look at this page below...if you look closely (at the pillows), these fake siblings share the same names as my real kiddos (Drew and Kate with a "K").  Those PBK peeps really know how to pick a name :)!

image via Pottery Barn Kids

My kids do not currently share a room, but it got me thinking...

They did share when I had two babies and two cribs, but since they have gotten older, they have separate rooms.  Hmmm....I shared a room with my sister (who is 15 months apart from me) my whole life and we both slept in twin beds until we went away to college.  I wouldn't change having had a companion in my room to share stories before bed and stay up late laughing (and fighting).  Will my kids be missing out by not sharing?  I think it is difficult with opposite gendered kids...2 boys or 2 girls might make for an easier transition and make for an easier time decorating!  What do you think?  A shared room would mean I would get that craft/work space I have been dreaming about!  I might need to reconsider!

Here a some additonal (inspiring) shared spaces...

image via

image via

image via positively splendid

I have been blessed with great sleepers, so I am not sure how a slumber party every night with a 2 and 3 year old would work out!  I'll keep considering... :)
Monday, March 28, 2011

DIY Textured Eggs

I wanted an inexpensive way to jazz up some plastic eggs for my mantle.  I decided to use supplies that I had laying around the house and came up with these easy-to-make textured eggs...

DIY Textured Eggs:

I picked up 3 bags of large plastic eggs at Hobby Lobby.  Each bag was 77 cents, but everything Easter was 40% off-cheap! 

I decided to cover the egg with a glue stick and roll the eggs in sand (I used sand from beach trips that I have used to decorate with previously).

I allowed a little time for the sand to stick, and then I simply hand painted the eggs in three springy colors.  The pink and blue are interior paints left over from other projects and the green is craft paint.  Again, I just used what I had on hand. 

After the paint dried, I hot glued thin purple/white and pink/white striped ribbon to the back of the egg in different lengths. I bought the ribbon on clearance at Hob Lob for .59 a roll (needed 2 rolls).

I taped the eggs to my mantle, so don't look too closely!  I love the way these turned out-you would never know these eggs cost about 10 cents a piece and my kids love them!

Quick Mantle Breakdown:

Tin pot: already had sitting around in my garage.  Flowers in the tin pot are from Hobby Lobby.  They have the best selection of  fake stems and they are often on sale for 50% off.  I got 4 stems for less than $10.  I stuffed the pot full of plastic bags to keep the flowers upright and to make them appear fuller.  I like how they are draped forward and sort of wild looking.

Moss wreath:  I had some moss left over from these projects and decided to make a small wreath to hang indoors.

Candlesticks:  I acquired several candlesticks in different shapes, sizes, heights.  Some were already silver, and some I spray painted.  I acquired them from thrift stores, IKEA, and had some I wasn't using.  I think they add a little bling and a little drama to an otherwise boring fireplace (I am trying to talk my hubby into revamping the tile surround)!

I also recently added this quote that I printed and framed.  You can get one for yourself here.

Spring has sprung!
Friday, March 25, 2011

Poster Size It

I picked up some photos today that I wanted to share!  I have had two empty (large) matted frames I have been needing to fill for many months.  I wanted a fairly recent photo of each child, and I wanted it to not be so obvious of a picture choice.  After a few minutes of playing around on Picnik (you must check out this free site!), I saved the retouched pictures and ordered two poster-sized prints from Walgreens online.  The frame size was 16x 20, and it holds an 11 x 14 print, at which point it is considered a "poster".  They still look and feel like a photo, but they call it a poster.

I was having a little trouble with the lighting while snapping these photos, but you get the idea!  Please excuse the glare!

These will be resting on a shelf in our great room.
I also wanted to send a BIG thank you to Holly from Life in the Fun Lane for mentioning and linking up my moss wreath and letter on her blog.  Holly's blog was the first blog I ever became addicted to and a huge inspiration for me to experiment with making over some furniture pieces!

A HUGE thanks is also in order to Emily at Emily A. Clark for featuring my moss wreath and letter on her blog today.  I recently came across her blog and quickly wanted to stop back daily!

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to browse my little ol' blog.  I love doing projects and being able to share them with others.  I appreicate each person for stopping by and making comments.  I hope you will come back!
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smoothie Recipe

We have tried several different smoothie recipes in this household but have never tried a recipe we actually really love.  So, when posted a "Pick Me Up" Smoothie Recipe, I had to give it shot. I'm sick of overpaying for a 6-pack of smoothies at the grocery store (you know the ones that are gone in 3 sips?)!  Annoying.  Homemade is ALWAYS better...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paint Can Planters

Have I mentioned that I have spring fever?  Temps in the 80's, lighter longer, and clear blue Texas skies make for one happy momma and family!  I have begun sprucing up my tiny patio/deck area.  I decided to make a few planters after seeing this post at  I tweaked mine a bit (CG's were a lot  fancier!).  Love the industrial feel of the paint can, with the whimsy of the fun paint colors!

You can certainly use empty paint cans you have laying around your house.  I bought new cans for 2.99 each.  Mine are a bit wider and shorter than a traditional paint can.

I chose a spring green and a watermelon pink spray paint.  Make sure your paint is suitable for outdoors.

Next step:  spray away!

Add holes to the bottom of the paint can with a hammer and nail.  CG tip: make sure to place paint can on a towel before hammering or you will ruin your paint job.

Instead of stripes, I decided to hand paint some numbers to give the planters a little interest.  No rhyme or reason, I just think numbers make everything look cute!  A added some gravel to the bottom, then added some pink petunias.  I found a little corner spot on my deck that they are calling home!  The deck will be getting a stain job this summer as well so please look past the dingy, greyish wood! 

A few more additions to the deck:

I spray painted this old planter I had laying around.  Loving this green and burgandy plant it is housing!

I purchased the magenta/white planter at Homegoods for $7 on clearance, and found the plant stand at Goodwill for 3.99.  I also, you guessed it, spray painted it a peacock blue!!

I picked up this sweet little plant holder at Goodwill for 1.99. 

Happy Spring from TX!
Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few Pics...

Loving her new rain boots!  Even in the sun!  Found them for 3.99 while thrifting!

Love the faces in this pic!

Partying with our Irish friend, John!

Crazy family!

Cookout with friends-loving this spring weather!
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boys Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids Look- A-Like

A friend of mine recently saw Drew's room for the first time.  She immediately commented on his bedding and asked me if it was the Kasey Collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  It is not from PBK, but it was the bedding that inspired me for his room, so I guess I did a pretty good job! 

Here is the PBK version:
Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Here is the version I purchased:
Image via Linen Locker
Prairie Stripes Quilted Bedding

I went back and forth on what to purchase.  My final decision was determined by price as well as the fact that Drew had just turned 2 when he moved into his big boy bed, which meant that pee and puke would somehow find its way onto the bedding!  I also thought if I hated it in 2 years, I didn't spend a lot of money, so I wouldn't feel married to it. 

The PBK version happens to be on sale right now, but the one I purchased was only $70, which included the queen sized quilt and two shams.  Not bad, right?  It gets excellent reviews online which was my final motivation to purchase it.  You can find this bed set on several different sites (google Prairie Stripes Quilted Bedding), but I purchased mine through because of the free site to store shipping, which saves you even more!  With all the money you save, you could have the shams monogrammed to look like the PBK room!
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Basement Reno

My sister just finished part of her unfinished basement.  I used to be jealous of the storage in her large, unfinished basement.  Now, she has this fabulous new space for watching TV and playing!  For the past 10 years, we have lived where basements don't exist, so the jealousy is in full force!!  It had just been completed right before we arrived on our recent visit, so it even had that new carpet smell!  Here are some bits and pieces from the room...

The color inspiration-IKEA pillows and tangerine orange seating (from TJ Maxx!) in the kid's space

You can see in the above picture that she used the rain gutter bookshelf.  She used an aluminum gutter (I used plastic in Drew's room) and left it in one long piece since she had a large wall to cover.  My niece is a bookworm, and this is the perfect height for her to grab books.  Don't you just love the pop of color those books give off?

The ABC travel print is from Land of Nod (originally in the nursery, but moved to the toyroom)

This POANG chair from IKEA is being used as extra seating around the TV viewing space.  Super comfy and loving the cool gray color.  The walls are also a soft gray color.

My sister and her husband love to travel, and they also lived in Germany for a few years.  This print, from Made By Girl, was appropriate for the subtle travel theme she has going on.

There is one little nook in the basement, so my sister first primed the wall with magnetic primer and then painted a few coats of chalkboard paint.  I love the pop of black, and so appropriate for small children.

Above the chalkbaord wall, she hung these series of framed pieces of scrapbook paper (all have a travel theme) to add another pop of color.  Who knew they had frames specifically made to fit 12 x 12 pieces of scrapbook paper)???  Michael's, my friends.  She also made all of her own adorable magnets to put on the wall.  More on those later...

I used to eat at this table growing up. I love that my sister has sanded, stained, and painted it to give it a fresh new look.  They still have the original leather seats which make it look a little rustic.

My sister still has plans to add a gallery wall of photos from their travels and some shelves to hold pics of the kids.  Of course, I wanted to make a little something for her new basement, so she requested an "H".  The color inspiration comes again from those great pillows and this will lean on one of the shelves...

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!  Thanks to my sis for sharing!
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Good Day

A good day in the life of a stay at home mom (and stay at home kids :)...

Two well behaved children at the dentist and good dental reports.  It didn't hurt that they got to look cool while saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhh"...

A beautiful day & happy kiddos...

Frozen yogurt...can't think of a better way to reward a good dental visit than with some sugar :)!!!!