Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

In working on our master bedroom, I decided that we definitely needed a long, vertical mirror. Currently, I have to jump up on the bathtub to look at myself full length, so it needed to be functional and cute. You can find full length mirrors at Homegoods and Ikea for about $80-$100, and we were actually looking at this one which I found on a post at ...

Ikea Songe Mirror

Until I stumbled across this guy for $19.99. Solid wood, HEAVY, and in great shape. I like the curvature at the top, but it certainly looks very 1980ish! I knew I could make it work with a little paint :)...

So 80's! Blah!

I used a little mistint paint I already had ($1)

Taped off the edges of the mirror

The paint color is a bit charcoal grey with a little dark blue to for me!

I decided to hang it in the little nook right before you get to our bedroom door (I didn't want it hidden behind the bathroom door in our room). Now, we can see ourselves as we exit the bedroom (and the kids are having the most fun staring at themselves in the mirror)! All told, a $21 project, and best of all, no more hopping up on the bathtub!!

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  1. Oh my goodness..!these mirrors on the walls just look like a part of that wall.Its so fine and creative design.Thanks for sharing this article with us.keep posting


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