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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kate's Room: A Few Thrifty Updates

I finally decided to sell the glider that was taking up a large amount of space in Kate's room (first step in transitioning to a big girl room). We weren't really using it, so we sold it on Craigslist to a nice young couple who were due to have their first baby in less than a week! I know they will use it much more than we currently were! Love that.

I still wanted a little chair in her room simply because seating is functional and she is still in a crib (we still need a place to read before bed since we can't climb into her crib with her!).

I found this little lonely chair for $3.99. I loved the scale and thought it could be sweet for a little girl's room. A little light sanding, wiping down, 3 coats of paint (a mistinted shade of white), a little distressing, spray polycrylic, and she has a new chair for the corner of her room. I am still in search of a tiny pillow to put on it...



Kate also had some empty wall space in her room directly above the new chair, so I decided a shelf was the most funtional. I found this turquoise one for $2.99, and painted it the same color as our master bedroom (because I had some left over, of course :).
I can't get the pic to upload normally!

Then I randomly found this elephant print for $2.50 (not kidding), and this chocolate brown, polka dotted ampersand (sp?) for $1.99, which completed the space. Grand total for the 3 pieces: $7.50!

Kate already had these little paper balls hanging from her ceiling, which I love. My sister gave these to me a while back. She got 6 of them on sale for $3 (Martha Stewart brand). My neice also has them hanging in her pink room. I love that even though we live far away, the girl's both have something the same in each of their rooms! Sweet!

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  1. The chair looks great. I always see those chairs and never think much of them. Great idea. I just found your blog and spent some time looking around. I love it. So many great projects and your kids are adorable.