Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Valentine Decoration

I don't really do much decorating for holidays (other than Christmas). As my kids get older, I want to start doing a little more to make it extra special for them. Valentine's Day can get a little cheesy for me, but I saw this post on, and I thought I would try my own version. I love the simplicity and decided to dress up my mantle a little bit.

Here is how I made my version of the LOVE string.
I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby and/or had them at my house already. I found these stencils in the clearance section for .99! They are 2" letters which fit perfectly on my paper squares.

In the post that inspired me, she printed off sheet music and aged it with tea. I found sheet music scrapbook paper that already had an aged look! Score, right?! It was .59 per sheet and I only needed one. I then cut the paper into four equal squares.

I used black acrylic pain and a brush that I already had.

Simiply put the stencil where you wish to put each letter and dab on the paint (I just eyeballed). Make sure to dip your brush in the paint and then dab on a paper towel so the brush is not soaked with paint. I did the "L" and the "V" first, since they are on the same side, let them dry and then did the "O" and the "E".

They are not perfect, but they were made with LOVE!

I hole punched the top and threaded through some red yarn I also already had at the house.

I decided to string the finished product on my mantle and added a little heart wreath I picked up at IKEA last year, as well and some red flower stems I already had from World Market. It is just enough, but not too much. Total for my project was $1.59! Total time was about 15 minutes (drying time included).

Now, go spread the LOVE!

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