Life Love Larson: DIY Dessert Tray / Centerpiece


Monday, January 10, 2011

DIY Dessert Tray / Centerpiece

I have been wanting a little something with some height to it to put in the center my kitchen table. I came across this easy DIY project on another blog and decided to try it! I love how versitile it is. You could use this for entertaining, or for everyday. I love how she used Christmas ornaments in the tutorial, and the idea of changing it out for the season or holiday. I personally like fruit in the kitchen. Color and function. Love it!

Her project came in at $3.25, and mine came in just under at $3.00 (only because I used coffee mugs I already had)!

I found these cute black/white plates for .99 each...

Add two coffee mugs I already had and don't use...

The tutorial used super glue, but I tried a glue gun and it works great. Simply put a little glue around the rim of the cup and stick on, and repeat. You cannot pick this back up once it is glued on, so make sure you are centered! You can peel off the glue once it has hardened if you see any around the edges.

I will probably use whatever fruit I have laying around, but I think a bunch of limes would be super cute (I am also envisioning some candy/sweets for Valentine's Day and some colored Easter eggs that the kids dye when the time comes).

A $3 project that literally took about 3 minutes to make!