Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coffee Table Makeover

For some time now, I have been on the lookout for a new coffee table for our great room in the new house. I like our old one we bought from Storehouse several years back, but the scale was not right for this space. I wanted something round. Then a few months back, my mom was here, and we were "thrifting", and we came across this little beauty. The best part-----it was only $15! I am able to see the forest through the trees, so we snatched it up, threw it in the car, and I finally finished sanding, staining, painting, and sealing!

The finished table:

before: she looks rough here, but I love the shape and the legs and the large surface top


 table: $15
stain: leftover from a previous project ($0)
paint: bought a sample mistint on a rack at lowe's (.50)
sealer: spray polycrylic that I also found on sale at lowes ($3)
total for new coffee table: $18.50
I'll take it! 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful transformation. That table is like something you would see in a magazine. And for under $20? Amazing!

    I'm your newest follower. :) Can't wait to see more of your DIY projects!

  2. I love your table, and I especially like that you left the top natural.

  3. Came by via Censtational Girl, love the coffee table! What an awesome find. I love how paint can transform a piece of furniture from drab to fab!

  4. Visiting via CG..great job...love the dark stain against the lighter legs!

  5. Hi,
    I stopped by from CG and I absolutely love this table! You did a fabulous job on it and the cost would suit me just fine. :-)

  6. In addition to the table, I love the rug- where did you get it?

  7. Brooke-Thanks for stopping by! The large rug in the pic is from TJ Maxx from 3 years ago! So soft and durable, and was a great price!

  8. Wow, this is awesome! I am impressed!



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