Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Sofa Table

Hi, friends! We've almost made it to the weekend! And the sun is shining! I wanted to share a few photos of our new sofa table. I absolutely love it and wanted to show you how I've styled it.

This is the Everett Foyer Table from World Market. I think it might be the most pinned item from World Market and the reviews are excellent. And for good reason, I think! It's classic, and I think it can go modern or rustic or whichever way your house leans. The table comes in a box, and Steve assembled it in a short amount of time.
When we finished our basement, we moved our leather furniture down and got a new sofa, which led to this new sofa table. It's long and sits right at the top of the sofa. It's also very narrow, which I like. With our very open concept first floor, this table basically sits right in the middle, between the great room and the kitchen. If you are a long time reader, you will remember I had a white thrifted dresser in this space. More musical furniture as that piece found it's way to Kate's room!
We purchased the table when it was already on sale, then used another coupon on top of it. I think we got it at the cheapest price we could have, right around $220. On a side note, that ceiling fan is the next thing to go. I'm not a huge ceiling fan person and we really don't use it much. I'm on the lookout for a large scale piece since the room is so large.
The first signs of spring! We move right from Christmas to spring around here. Our house lends itself to spring because of the all the greenery and pink accents. Soon, it will be here soon!
The table also has two small drawers at the top, perfect for storing cards or candles or anything else you need to hide.
When I searched for ideas on how to style this, I was coming up short. Everything I found leaned rustic, and I appreciate it, but nothing was inspiring me. So, I stick to what I know...lamps, books, baskets, gold, and greenery. It's a no fail concept!
The white gourd lamps used to be in our master bedroom. I wanted white down here, so the master now has new lamps. These are from TJ Maxx from several years ago. The fringe baskets are from Target (thanks to my sister for finding these for me). I love anything with fringe! The gold orb is also a Homegoods find. Tulips from Trader Joes. And just a little personal tidbit...that Vera Wang on Weddings book was used in Steve's proposal to me 15 years ago!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DIY Feather Wreath

We had a long weekend over here with school canceled on Friday because of an impending ice storm that never really amounted to much, and MLK Day on Monday. During that time, I decided I was over my "winter" porch, which was basically leftovers from Christmas minus any red elements. The fresh greenery and trimmings were really turning brown and I was ready to take down the green wreath on the door. I was also ready for a new Valentine wreath, so cue a trip to Joanne Fabrics for some white feather boas!
Honestly, this wreath couldn't be any easier! I already had a straw heart wreath that I picked up at Goodwill several years ago. I picked up two feather boas at Joanne's. Boas weirdly cost more than you think! I used coupons and got both for $9 total, so not too bad. I honestly didn't shop around, so maybe you can get them cheaper elsewhere.
I first tried wrapping the boas around the wreath, but I could still see a little brown though the feathers. So, I first wrapped the wreath in white ribbon I already had in my stash. You could use felt or anything white really to wrap around this (if you are using white feathers, obviously). I used push pins to secure the ribbon on the back.
Now I was ready to wrap the boas around. I secured the start with a pushpin and used one full boa for half the heart. I secured the end with another pin.
Then repeat on the other side with second boa. This takes no time at all and it's ready to be hung! The "Be Mine" banner is from Target Dollar Spot a few years back.
I love the whimsy of the feathers. 
I decided to leave the birch twigs propped up on the window and changed out the black and white pillows on the rockers to red/white striped ones. I can't quit the string lights on the porch either :), so those are staying up and come on every night with a timer. 
This is the only decorating I do for Valentine's Day, and I'm happy to switch up the porch again!
Ir's supposed to warm up here over the next several days! Yay! I'm on the countdown for spring...I need sunlight and warmth and a green yard and flowers blooming! xo

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

NYC at Christmastime

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe January is almost half way over! I don't love winter, so January and February can just move right along if you ask me!

Steve had a work trip planned to New York in December, so we decided it was a good time for me to tag along again! I've been to NYC with him in the summer, but this was my first time in the winter and at Christmastime. This should be on everyone's bucket list - there's something so magical about a big city during the holidays!

We made it to NYC, but not before some drama! We had a really bad ice storm overnight the night before we were supposed to leave. We hopped in the car around 4:45 to head to the airport, which is 45 minutes from our house, and made it about 10 minutes before realizing we were in for some super scary white-knuckle driving. Quite frankly no one should have been out, but we had a plane to catch! At 5:00am, we were creeping along, slid down a small incline and rammed into a cop car that had just arrived at that same intersection because of two other accidents. Needless to say, the cop was very understanding. It was like an ice rink getting to and from the cars. Our car was badly damaged and we missed our flight. We were barely able to drive our car home, and then tried to get out on a noon flight. We quickly realized the roads were not much better and turned back around. Finally, we left on a 4pm flight the following day and made it just in time to check in and walk around near our hotel. We stayed in mid-town, right near the famous Macy's.
I just love that you can walk everywhere in a big city. The energy is like no other. And walking kept me warm!
Steve had meetings, etc, so I did a lot of walking and exploring by myself. I love this time by myself. I feel alive in a big city, navigating the streets, people watching, something new around every corner.
I sat at Bryant park for a while and watched the ice skaters and took pictures of other tourists for them. The weather was cold, but it's fun to be bundled up!
We decided on night one we would do a Broadway show. We stood in line to get half-priced tickets the day of the show, and got excellent seats to see Kinky Boots. It was the highlight of the trip for me. I love musical theater, and Todrick Hall was thrilling to watch! The whole cast was amazing...the music, the colors, and it was so funny. I wish we could have gone to see a show every night we were there!
Before the show, we took the subway to Lillie's, a quaint little moody bar decked out for Christmas. And apparently we like to dress alike when we travel together! :)
The next day I explored Rock Center and looked at the windows and walked along 5th Avenue. Everything is so elaborate and beautiful and the attention to detail is unreal. Quintessential NYC. And one of these times, I will see Jimmy Fallon tape a show. He is my celebrity crush, the one person I would pick to have lunch or a drink with. Funny gets me every time. 

The next day I explored the financial district, and Wall Street. It seems there is an amazing Christmas tree on every corner! Another day, another gorgeous tree. I love this shot with the American flags.
Steve loves coming to NYC for work, and gets to come often. He's mastered the subway and often gets asked for directions when he's there. If people only new he hails from Kansas!
We took a quick afternoon stroll through Central Park...
And I was lucky enough to accompany Steve to one of his client's buildings (200 Park Ave.) for some breathtaking views of the city from the rooftop of the building, 58 stories high. I don't love heights, but for this, I was brave! A once in a lifetime view!

That evening we stopped in at The Dead Rabbit for a famous Irish Coffee. It was so good, we could have drank 10 of them! A quaint, dark little place that we would highly recommend for a drink.
Another day, another tree! This one was in South Street Seaport area, a non-touristy, off the beaten path spot.
Walking the streets at night...
And Rock Center at night...

And on our final night, some neighbors and good friends of ours were also in NY, so we met up at Bryant Park. So fun seeing familiar faces in such a fun atmosphere.
Though we lost two days because of an ice storm, our time in NYC couldn't have been better. Not pictured are the pizzas and bagels we consumed. :) We got an upgrade to first class on the way home (perks of traveling with a guy who travels a lot), and we were ready to see our kiddos!
We are blessed to have my young, retired parents just 3 hours away who are willing and able to watch our kids so we can get away a lot. They make this all happen for us! We love our kids, but we love traveling without them and we think it's important to make it a priority. Travel is such a gift. It is the best education. It makes you see the world and your life in a new way. I will never take it for granted. Hope you have something fun on the horizon! xo

Friday, December 23, 2016

Outdoor Christmas Decor & Porch 2016

Merry almost Christmas! Steve and I just got back from a quick trip to NYC. There's nothing like it this time of year and it definitely put me even more in the spirit! A separate post to come all about our trip, but for now I wanted to share the exterior of our home all decked out for Christmas!
I was actually able to capture a few photos when we had a little snow this past weekend! It's supposed to be 60 degrees on Christmas day here, so this is about as festive as it's going to get as far as the snow goes!

I decided I wanted to do something classic this year with our home, so wreaths on every window for the win! I absolutely LOVE this look and will be doing it every year!

Steve is the real MVP here. I have the vision, Steve executes! The wreaths are all hung from Command Hooks, the kind with a metal hook. We cleaned the window with alcohol before adhering the strips. The wreaths have a metal base, so they are easy to hook right onto the Command Hooks. We have had not one issue with them falling down. We have crazy winds here in Kansas and have also had a few rainfalls, and these wreaths are hanging tough!
The wreaths are cheapies from Hobby Lobby. I think they were $5 each since all of their Christmas stuff is always 50% off. Why not just price everything the cheaper price?? I will never understand it! Anyway, the red bows are really what make these wreaths pop, and they are also cheapies from HL. I think I paid less than $2 each for one. Now that I've made the small investment, I will have them every year.
I decided to leave the rockers out this year since we never really seem to get that much snow. I'm sure I just jinxed it, but that's okay, my kids want to sled this year!!! The black and white pillows are cheap covers from IKEA. They are not outdoor pillows, but they are washable. I rectify them not being "outdoor"  by stuffing outdoor pillows as the inserts so they never get moldy! It's my favorite hack. The gold garden stool is from Homegoods from a few years ago. The touch of gold is nice this time of year, or always in my book!
I have a thing for fresh garland this time of year. I buy this at either Costco or Home Depot. It's easy to string around the door and it is just so classic looking, I love it. I kept the wreath on the door the same as the windows, added a red tassel on the door handle, and some birch sticks to complete this simple look. We placed a strand of string lights around the garland to light it up at night. The string lights add more punch with the large bulbs than regular Christmas lights.
I also made some DIY outdoor containers using tree trimmings and some red/gold/silver sticks shoved in our black urns. I made two and they flank the garage doors. Can't do much better than free, right?! I made some of these last year too!
You just can't go wrong with a classic look for Christmas!

I hope you are all enjoying some downtime with your family and friends. Having a warm, cozy, and festive home filled with people I love is something I will never take for granted! xoxo

Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Chalkboard 2016

Hi friends! It's been whirlwind couple of weeks, but all fun stuff, so I can't complain! It's become a lot colder the last few weeks and it really is starting to feel like winter is approaching. We even had a little dusting of snow. Our winter bucket list chalkboard is now up! Bucket lists are easy for this large wall because I only have to change it out every few months. It's fun and it cures my chalkboard cleaning laziness...
I love to get cozy this time of year, and let's be honest, I'm usually ready for bed around 9pm since it gets dark so early. A good time to hunker down and snuggle. It's on the list. :)
We will fill in the stars as we get to the activities on the list. The kids love this part! I've said it before, we never get to everything, but it's a fun blueprint. We reference this list often and it's a good reminder of all the things we have on our to-do wishlist.
Here is the view from our kitchen into the mudroom. This chalk wall connects the two, and I love how it's visible from both spaces. Also, I have a thing for fresh garland.
And here a view from the mudroom side.
I hope your bucket is being filled every day, especially this time of year! xo

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