Friday, September 22, 2017

Chalkboard Fall Bucket List 2017

Happy Friday and first day of fall! It's so hard to post about "fall" things when temperatures are still in the high 80's here in Kansas! I love the heat, but I'm ready for it to cool down a bit!

Every year I post about our chalkboard bucket lists and today is all about fall! I originally painted this chalk wall in our home 5 years ago. My kids were little then and I thought it would be a place where they could draw. I quickly found out that wasn't going to work because chalk walls are high maintenance if used on a daily basis! And chalk makes a mess! We've since made it a space for bucket lists and quotes...aka, I don't have to change it out very often!
This list changes a little as the kids get older (they are 10 and 8.5), but so many simple things remain the same. Fall fun is great at every age! I'm huge on experiences in lieu of things. We are hoping to raise children who are do-ers and explorers and people who try new things. We are also hoping to build and make quality memories together!
This chalk wall has full chalk paint on a narrow wall that connects our mudroom and kitchen. We come up with the lists together as a family and I try to come up with new ways to make the board look different every year. This year I added a banner using nails hammered into the wall. It's from Target I think (last year though).
Since these photos were taken, we've added "Negro League Baseball Museum" to our list and I think we are adding a long weekend trip to this list too! We've hit three things on the list so far...

Grinter's Sunflower Farm - What a sight! A true gem if you're near the KC area!

Iowa Football Game - We are huge Hawkeye fans (Steve and I met there) and we were lucky enough to be invited to Ames, IA to see the Iowa/Iowa State game a few weeks ago. We had such a fantastic time!

Dunn's Cider Mill - Some friends told us about this place and they hands down have the BEST cider donuts in town! We went on opening day with my parents and crushed two dozen! The kids also had cherry cider slushes. We will definitely be going at least one more time this fall!

We don't ever get to all of the items on our list. It's just a good reminder of all the things we would "like" to do. It's a no pressure list, just all about fun and the kids know this!
I hope your fall is full of friends, family, and fun (and football)! xo

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

Hello friends! Thanks for all your kind comments and feedback on the Fall Home Tour! It seems many of you don't have "bins" of fall decor and you love a simple and cozy feel like me. I also had someone tell me it didn't look like children lived here! I assure you kids DO live here and this house is very "lived" in! I don't include kid's bedrooms and our playroom in the tour because I don't decorate those rooms for holidays, and the chances of those rooms being a mess is very high! And I don't zoom in on photos of crumbs on the floor and stray socks in the hallway and mudroom clutter because that's not really what people are interested in! The beauty of finding budget friendly decor is that everyone is welcome to put their feet up and eat/drink in our living room and treat our home as if it's their own. Nothing in our home is too precious to not "live" here and that's how I prefer it!

I wanted to quickly share this faux succulent terrarium that literally took me less than five minutes to assemble. It's about the easiest DIY, so I'm not really sure it needs a tutorial, but I wanted to source the items. I was inspired by Cella Jane for this DIY. I saw it in her Instastory and wanted to try and create the same look!

The items used for this are the glass/wood vessel, faux succulents, and white rocks. That's it! Super simple!
These faux succulents were on clearance at Target. I was impressed by how real the air plants looked! You know how much I love my real plants, but I do find succulents hard to grow indoors. I always pull my succulents outdoors for the summer and they thrive. I feel they struggle indoors, so this is an easy solution for never having to tend to this again! I think faux here and there is perfectly fine, but always, always, always have real ones throughout your home!
Target also sells white rock fillers, but I knew I could find them cheaper at Dollar Tree. I used two packs of white rock.
I simply added the rock and stuck the faux plants in! I think five looks perfect in this larger vessel.

I moved it around the house deciding where to place it. I finally landed in our dining room. I like how it looks on our black table and it's low enough that it doesn't compete with our chandelier.
A terrarium is so easy to make with any glass vessel, plants, and rock! I just love ours! I know places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell faux succulents if your Target doesn't have any left. I think this would be such a pretty gift to give as well! xo

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Early Fall Home Tour 2017

Hello and welcome to our fall home tour! I'm a summer lover, but I have equal affection towards all things fall. A huge thank you to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for including me and a wonderful group of bloggers in this home tour series. I hope you were able to visit all homes from Monday's tour (see end of post for links) and continue to check out all 6 posts for each day this week. I'm glad you're here!

You'll see that I'm not drawn to typical fall colors/decorations. I don't have a "fall" bin of items that I pull out. I like to pull together texture, colors, candles, plants, cut stems, and all things cozy for fall. I hope you find simple inspiration in our home! Most of all, I love our house to feel lived in and comfortable!

Our dining room is the first room you see upon entering the front door. I recently painted this room Simply White and love the classic update. I also used to have striped black/white curtains that I changed out with some DIY abstract art. The changes feel fresh and modern and bright. 
This vintage bar cart is one of my favorite things in our home. It's fun to change up for the seasons. Wood textures and cut stems from plants around my house make it feel warm.

I was recently inspired by another blogger to make this faux succulent terrarium. The colors lend themselves to fall and it's the perfect centerpiece for our dining room. I love the look of the wood/glass off of the black tabletop.

Our living room is pretty neutral. I changed out blush pillows for wine colored pillows. I love how they look against the ink blue chairs. I also just added this macrame wall hanging. The texture is perfect against the cool paint on the walls. Woven baskets and readily available blankets are a must!
I also changed up our craigslist coffee table just a bit. Eucalyptus is so simple and adds a touch of fall whimsy.
I decided to leave the navy pillows on our sofa. This shibori pillow is a new purchase and I just LOVE it! My family calls it the jeans pillow  - they just don't appreciate home decor like mom does! Ha!
I found this textured vase at a thrift store several years ago an it's perfect for fall! I cut some bush stems from my yard that are just starting to turn color! I love summer/fall because I can cut so many things and bring them inside!
And this little sitting nook gets used the most! It's right by a bank of windows and super cozy. This faux leather pillow really grounds this chair so I leave it here all year long. The kilim pillow provides perfect texture and added color to the space!

Our master is also very neutral. I added a wine colored pillow to the blush pillows on the bed. The bedside tables also get cut stems from the yard. This pretty sedum lasts forever in water! And when in doubt, throw a faux fur on it! I have these things everywhere and I LOVE them! 

I have been making chalkboard "bucket lists" for 5 years now! It's the number one thing kids and adults comment on when they come to our home. It's such a fun and easy way to add some color and meaning to a mudroom. 
And you can't live in the Sunflower State (Kansas) without having some sunflowers in your home! My family recently went to a sunflower farm and we cut these stems (this is allowed and we left a donation)! Paired with eucalyptus, these scream fall! Love them as a table centerpiece!
I'm not a pumpkin spice crazy person (I know there are a lot out there!), but I do love the smell of a pumpkin candle burning. I also love roses. These orange-ish pink ones are my idea of fall! 

I'm going to do a full fall porch post, but here is one photo that I took right after grabbing some HUGE mums. Fall mums and summer hydrangeas collide in September!
I think that was a lot of photos! Sorry for the overload! I'm so happy you stopped by my fall home tour and hope you found something that inspired you. Here's to crisp mornings, bonfires, cider donuts, football, sweatshirts and jeans!

Don't stop here! Stop by Remodelando La Casa next on the tour! Click below for all links!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Large Black/White Framed Photos

Hi friends! Hope September is treating you well so far! Everyone is back to school, I'm back teaching preschool, and our busy fall schedule is in full force. I just love this time of year.

I wanted to quickly share an easy home project that I get asked a lot of questions about. These black/white framed photos of my kids are certainly not anything new, but for some reason I get asked a lot about them so I wanted to share some details.
Two years ago, Steve and I were in Chicago and I was inspired by some black/white photos of children I saw in a store. They were basic and simple and I was drawn to them. We don't have a lot of wall space on our first floor, but this little wall needed something, so I came home and took some shots of the kids.

I am not a photographer. These were taken in front of our garage (which happens to be an almost black color) on a whim after school one day. I love that Drew is actually wearing his soccer practice shirt in this photo. And that Kate's hair was tied back all day that day and a it's a little messy. I love that they look like themselves in these photos, with genuine smiles. Don't make it hard! Sometimes photos done on a whim can be the best ones!
I edited these photos on my Mac and made sure to make the background really dark so their faces stand out. I sent them off to Costco photo to be printed in size 11 x 14. Costco prints large photo paper prints for cheap! The frames are from Homegoods, each under $15. I removed the mat of the frame, which I think people sometimes forget to do. Removing the mat makes the prints look a little more graphic.
We don't have a lot of framed photos in our home, so I cherish these on the first floor! I sit in this chair more than any other spot to drink coffee, work on my computer, and read magazines. It's kind of a random little nook, but it's one of my favorites.

It might be time to update the photos soon! Kate still has her baby teeth in her photo! Steve just hung two long shelves for me in our upstairs hallway that I will be filling with frames and family photos. It's so overwhelming, I just keep putting it off! I'm planning to use both black and white and color photos in that space. Have a great weekend! xo
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